HK TV Host Amigo Choi Arrested For Drink Driving

27 Oct

HONG KONG: Hong Kong actor Amigo Choi was arrested on Tuesday on charges of drink driving, reported Hong Kong media.

Choi told reporters he had dinner and some drinks with an old friend that day before driving home alone.

He was on his way home when he encountered a police roadblock and was arrested after failing a breathalyzer test.

The 30-year-old stressed that he was not speeding at the time and that the breathalyzer reading was only marginally higher than normal.

“I seldom drink and only had a few beers. I wasn't drunk. But I too feel I was wrong. One must never drink and drive,” said Choi.

“I was careless this time and I really regret it. I promise I won't do this again.”

The actor is still serving a bond for a previous infraction when he was arrested.

Choi was charged with assaulting his ex-girlfriend, model Elizabete Kwong, 20, in May, but managed to escape jail time when she agreed not to give evidence to back the assault charges.

Instead, the actor was warned by the courts to behave himself, and placed on a HK$5,000 (S$839) bond.

– CNA/ha

Channel News Asia


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