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Hotter Than Hell

29 Oct

hotter than hell
Just because you’re doing battle with the dark side doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy.
October 29, 2010

In the new film The Last Exorcism, which opens here today, the handsome Patrick Fabian plays Cotton Marcus, an evangelical minister whose good looks help him win the confidence of a young girl, Nell (Ashley Bell), who has apparently been possessed by a demon named Abalam.

First, he tells her that her shoes are pretty, then he shoves a crucifix in her face – works like a charm!

Exorcists tend to be dashing figures, generally speaking, even all the way back to horror classic The Exorcist, which helped establish the template for the genre.

JASON JOHNSON overcomes his healthy fear of hellspawn to bring you this reasonably definitive list of the sexiest exorcists – or sexorcists, if you will – in film.

To coin a phrase, they’re hotter than hell!


Groomed from young to be a charismatic preacher, Cotton Marcus (little-known TV actor Patrick Fabian) has Southern charm to burn.

Dressed in a natty three-piece suit, complete with a pocket square, he made a fine living by preaching the gospel to swooning parishioners.

When he is called upon to battle with a demon who has taken possession of a girl’s soul, the pretty boy strides into the situation with all the haughtiness his handsomeness has afforded him.

Unfortunately, he’s not the demon’s type, and soon finds himself way over his well-coiffed head.

‘Words, words, words,’ the evil spirit mocks as Cotton tries ineffectually to expel him.

But Cotton eventually proves to be more than just a pretty face and the film’s climax gets very interesting indeed.


Gary Oldman was 50 when he played a reluctant Jewish exorcist in The Unborn, but you’d never know it from his still-boyish good looks and flowing locks.

Sharp and professorial, his Rabbi Sendak is a modern man who isn’t quite sure what to make of a young girl’s claim that she’s possessed by a demon known as a dybbuk (an evil spirit in Jewish folklore).

He eventually agrees to help her, and chances are you would too – especially because she’s played by the delicious Odette Yustman.

During the actual exorcism, Sendak doesn’t prove to be all that competent, what with the demon managing to get free and wreaking all sorts of havoc. But the important thing is that the old fellow manages to remain foxy in the face of his fear.


Any discussion of sexorcists would not be complete without John Constantine, played by Keanu Reeves, no less.

Dressed in his smart black suit and tie, the world-weary battler of demons – who has literally been to hell and back – works his bad-boy charisma like a true anti-hero.

Unlike most exorcists, who tend to be more cerebral, Constantine battles the denizens of the underworld with a sweaty physicality, yanking them around by the scruff of the neck or simply blowing them away with his wicked-awesome cross-shaped gun.

When he teams up with a gorgeous policewoman (Rachel Weisz) to investigate the suicide of her twin sister, the two manage to bring a touch of romance to a genre mostly known for head-spinning and projectile vomiting.


He might not be what you’d call pretty, but there’s no denying the statuesque sex appeal of Max von Sydow as Father Merrin.

As the mentor to the younger Father Karras (Jason Miller), Father Merrin has already faced the devil head on and has lived to tell the tale.

He radiates power and conviction, a forcefulness that blows off the screen like a powerful wind of pure righteousness.

‘The power of Christ compels you!’ he drones at the monster living inside the possessed girl Regan (Linda Blair) in one of the film’s most iconic scenes.

Indeed, it is hard imagining anyone, including Satan himself, having the power to resist this rampant man of God.


When women are asked what they like in a man, they often answer confidence and a sense of humour.

Well, have at it, ladies.

Beetlejuice, played by Michael Keaton in full-on prankster mode, may not be the best-looking sexorcist of the bunch, but he’s a one-man party, and you can’t help but be drawn into the naughty fun.

A ‘bio-exorcist’ called upon to expel a flesh-and-blood family of yuppies from a house which rightfully belongs to pair of ghosts, Beetlejuice ends up falling for the yuppies’ daughter Lydia (Winona Ryder), whom he longs to make his bride.

They make a nice couple, actually.

But it’s the sort of mixed relationship that’s doomed to fail – there are just too many bridges for a live girl and a dead man to cross.

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The F Word

29 Oct


EXCLUSIVE interview with stars of SOCIAL NETWORK
the f word
Jesse Eisenberg was either nervous about being in the limelight or he naturally speaks as fast as a bullet train
By Joanne Soh
October 29, 2010

Jesse Eisenberg was either nervous about being in the limelight or he naturally speaks as fast as a bullet train.

The geeky-looking 27-year-old actor with a mop of curly hair also doesn’t look like a movie star who plays the lead in the new Facebook movie The Social Network.

Seated next to him, Andrew Garfield looked equally lost.

Back in July, the 27-year-old British actor had yet to be crowned the new Spider-Man, and was then still an unknown to most of us.

So naturally, pop prince Justin Timberlake was the one everyone wanted a piece of.

It also helped that the 29-year-old possesses a winning charm, much like his entrepreneur character Sean Parker – the co-founder of Napster who convinced Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to leave his Harvard dormitory for the Silicon Valley.

Directed by the acclaimed David Fincher, The Social Network – which opens here today – is a story about ambition, friendship, power, treachery, greed and multi-million dollar lawsuits.

We see how Zuckerberg (Eisenberg) and his Harvard classmate Eduardo Saverin (Garfield) conceived the idea of Facebook and how jealousy got in the way of their close friendship as their social networking business grew exponentially.

Since its release in the US on Oct 1, The Social Network has been attracting Oscar buzz, with critics hailing Garfield and Timberlake as shoo-ins for best supporting actor nominations.

Without a doubt, The Social Network has propelled its young stars into the stratosphere.

Theatre-trained Eisenberg, whose last appearance was in last year’s Zombieland, has strengthened his geek standing, threatening to dethrone Michael Cera.

Garfield has a big year ahead with a potential superhero franchise in his bag.

And Timberlake is well on his way to establishing himself as a credible actor.

FiRST: Social networking is the norm with the young. How has it changed your lives?

EISENBERG: Well, I have my own website that I use to land movie roles, so social networking has been really important for me.

No, not really. I don’t have a website.

But it has definitely changed things for acting.

I have friends – actor friends – and they attribute their success in finding work to having networking websites.

But I personally don’t engage.

TIMBERLAKE: I’m already famous because I write music on the side.

No, I’m kidding.

Social networking has obviously been a huge deal for the music industry and now the film industry.

I think it’s kind of serendipitous that a film like this is released at a time when social networking is the trend.

Do you have a relationship with Facebook?

GARFIELD: I have the usual relationship that someone my age would have with it. I love it and loathe it at the same time, and it takes up far too much of my energy and time.

I should use the time working on making myself a better person instead of seeing what I missed out on my friend’s parties in London…it’s a terrible terrible thing. (laughs)

TIMBERLAKE: I don’t personally have a Facebook page or even Twitter. I feel like a dinosaur because even if I get on it, I would not know how to work it.

EISENBERG: I signed up for Facebook only about two weeks before we started shooting to see what all the kids were talking about.

The closest relationship I have to Facebook now, aside from the movie, is that my first cousin, Eric, has a great job there. He got it while we were filming and he’s working side-by-side with Zuckerberg.

Have you guys met the people you play in the movie?

EISENBERG: No. They just weren’t involved in the movie. I guess I’ll meet Zuckerberg by virtue of meeting my cousin’s boss if I ever visit him in the office.

Although I didn’t meet him personally, it doesn’t mean I don’t know anything about him. There are many videos and books on him, and the most significant resource is the script, which is really interesting and wonderful.

My character probably has the highest visibility, being the face of Facebook. The movie may put him across like a jerk, but it’s my job to humanise him and defend him as a character.

GARFIELD: I think it also adds a certain responsibility knowing that these three people might eventually watch the film. To have that awareness kind of makes you work harder.

Do you admire the real guys, especially since they got so far at such a young age?

GARFIELD: Absolutely. It was one of those ‘right place, right time’ situations. It was the right time for their generation and they had the necessary skills that could be capitalised on. The gods were watching over them in a way…

Maybe they were too young to deal with all the overwhelming power, success and the new technological landscape that they developed.

But I’m in awe of their brilliance, skills, success and vision, especially Mark and Sean. They are indeed geniuses.

Are you able to relate to your characters since you are also young and successful?

EISENBERG: I had an experience similar to the movie.

I started writing plays when I was 17. I promised a friend that we’d write a play together but he went off to college and I ended up writing it myself.

We later had conflict over that but it was of course on a much smaller scale.

I’m sure we all have similar situations with friends. I was able to draw on those experiences for the movie.

GARFIELD: When you’re in the arts, any amount of self-consciousness and self-awareness can really upset your creative output. Then you can’t view yourself objectively.

If attaining great success remains your focus and you are constantly chasing awards and kudos, it’ll kill all creativity and passion.

TIMBERLAKE: That’s right, chasing such accolades is not why we’re doing what we do.

David Fincher is known for doing many takes for a scene. What was it like working with him?

GARFIELD: Because of his many takes, he gives you the room and time to make mistakes, which I think is the bravest and the biggest gift a director can give to any actor.

Knowing that we have such an incredible man steering the ship, you sleep well at night because you know he’s going to use only the good stuff.

EISENBERG: It does get exhausting, though. The opening scene was a nine-page scene and we did that scene 99 times over the course of two nights. The fatigue comes from the number of times we’re asked to do it.

Having said that, the opportunity to do a scene so many times is a luxury. Often in movies you feel rushed and you didn’t get what you want.

Justin, which is dearer to you now – acting or singing?

TIMBERLAKE: I’ve always cared about both.

When I was 14, I convinced my mother to spend TV pilot season in Los Angeles. I was convinced I was going to get a part in a sitcom in the fashion of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.

I was sitting at home waiting for it to happen, and a month later, I was selected to be part of a children’s TV show.

I’ve always admired the art of performing. It’s no secret that I was trained as a young kid on The Mickey Mouse Club with other extremely talented actors and singers such as Christina (Aguilera) and Ryan (Gosling).

I’m extremely aware of people’s perception of me. The choices I made are for myself.

I did the smaller films to gain experience and to work with the people I really admire and play the characters that I really care about.

Is it more difficult to step back to be just a character instead of a sex symbol?

TIMBERLAKE: There’s no way I’m going to answer that question!

I’m completely detached from those comments.

Most opinions are just projections. Everybody’s got a geek in them and I just don’t believe in status. I believe in the process of making films and making music.


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29 Oct

October 29, 2010

Michael Jackson is already six feet under, but that isn’t stopping him from ringing in the money.

The King Of Pop was named 2010’s wealthiest dead celebrity by Forbes magazine, and his legacy will live on – on the big screen. Jackson’s most famous music video Thriller has become the premise of a new film.

It will be directed by Kenny Ortega, who shot This Is It. There’s no word onthe plot yet, except that it’ll be a full-fledged horror picture set around the town seen in the video.


Now that the dust has settled on Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, it’s also about time to end the ‘showmance’.

Shia LaBeouf and Carey Mulligan, who play a couple in Oliver Stone’s sequel, have officially called it quits.

Their year-long romance began while filming on location in New York.

There were obvious sparks between them, Stone told People magazine.

The British actress has reportedly found a new beau in the form of fellow countryman Tom Sturridge, aka Robert Pattinson’s best mate.


Is George Lucas so strapped for cash that he can only turn to his classics to keep his funds going?

We already know that his Star Wars saga will be re-released in 3-D in 2012. Now it looks like our favourite fedora-wearing archaeologist may be entering the third dimension too.

According to Blue Sky Disney – a reliable movie website – Lucasfilm has lined up plans to convert the Indiana Jones series into 3-D too.

Before we hear the official word, we’ll just shelf this as a rumour.


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29 Oct

FiRST wanted to pick the brains of the cast of new animated flick Megamind. But leads Will Ferrell and Tina Fey – the funniest man and woman in Hollywood these days – left their jokes behind in the recording booth
By Sylvia Toh Paik Choo In Los Angeles
October 29, 2010

Will the Will Ferrell we laugh at and love say something really funny?

Maybe this is the real Will Ferrell, he who – surprise! – doesn’t do improv at press conferences.

We are at The Wedding Party. It is not the title of another frat pack comedy, but the unwitting set-up of the publicity blitz for DreamWorks’ latest 3-D superhero animated feature film, Megamind, that will make you LOL – if only Ferrell, Tina Fey, David Cross and director Tom McGrath would, in the flesh.

The garden of Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills is pristinely studded with white furniture, dining tables and chairs alongside a buffet.

Pew-like rows of white seats occupy one end of the marquee. And on a raised dais, the table for the four main guests – you’d expect that’s where they’ll be giving the toast.

Said foursome enter to take their places.

No sooner than all the media check in, one journo punches in: ‘I want to thank you, Will and Tina, for inviting me to your wedding. How long have you been engaged…Now for the real question – what’s it like to be front centre for this film?’

Ferrell, 43, goes first: ‘This stage wedding means my marriage of 10 years is not real.’

A mere titter across the garden.

Fey, 40, uptakes: ‘It took years to book with Four Seasons.’

And Ferrell has his cue: ‘I want to thank Jensens for the tentage, whose slogan is, ‘If you want a tent, call Jensens.’

Now the laughter, although not all of us got it.

The comedian, impressionist, actor and writer of more than 30 movies, whose last few features have each grossed more than US$100 million (S$129 million), then responds meekly: ‘I don’t consider myself front centre of this fine cast…’

We all point to the film poster behind the quartet.

It has the big-headed and blue-coloured Megamind – whom Ferrell voices – who eclipses the rest, like Metro Man, Roxanne Ritchi, Tighten and Minion.

Everybody chuckles. Ferrell admits: ‘It was exciting to work on a (Jeffrey) Katzenberg movie.’

Is that all? Not even one blue joke?

Megamind, which opens here on Nov 4, focuses on the titular villain, who is so bad at being bad he just might be great at being good.

Brad Pitt voices Metro Man (good-guy strong man), Fey is news reporter Roxy (Superman to the rescue of Lois Lane!). There’s a super-nerd Hal (Jonah Hill) and Cross is Minion, Megamind’s lifetime assistant who happens to be a fish in a bowl (for a head) on a robot’s body.

The movie is funky and funny, all the characters are excellently fleshed, and the villain is Avatar-blue, the colour of the decade, for sure.

Director McGrath, 45, who also helmed Madagascar and its sequel, repeats his production notes quotes: ‘There are deep themes, good versus evil. We all have a nemesis. It’s a story about redemption.’

Another journo thinks Megamind’s accent is rather British, and asks for confirmation.

Ferrell comes out of reticence: ‘It’s so disappointing. Of course, it’s not your fault, but it’s a Lithuanian accent I was doing…

‘It’s the accent of someone who thinks they’re important, a completely insecure character.’

McGrath lets the light in: ‘We had a French designer on the set and he pronounces Metro City as ‘me-trocity’. We ran with it.’

With a trio best known to US audiences for their improv skills – Ferrell and Fey established themselves on Saturday Night Live, playing among others George W Bush and Sarah Palin; Cross is another stand-up comic – sparks and barbs should have cross-fired during the press conference.

Yes, they did improv, but perhaps only in the recording booth.

Ferrell and Fey reportedly defied animated movie conventions by recording several of their exchanges together in the same sound booth (it’s usually done in isolation).

Fey feels that method acting needs you to think about what you’re going to say but improv makes you focus on the partner, and what he says helps you build the scene.

‘About 30 per cent of the scenes were improv. Tom was very welcoming of that. We had to do a number of them several times because of the laughing.’

It is both hard and free-ing to work only the voice.

For Fey, there’s an absence of vanity in a recording booth. ‘You can try your lines, stop and start again. There’s no waste of film, and how you look doesn’t matter.’

In Ferrell’s case, the difficulty IS the voice. ‘It’s hard to articulate. The gear shift with the voices, that’s a real skill.

‘However, unlike Tina, I go into the recording booth in a three-piece suit, full make-up on because I’m a professional.’

But was Fey bummed at not to have shared a recording booth with Pitt?

She tells me seriously: ‘No, it was fine. We hung out.’

So what was it like interacting with the Hollywood superstar?

McGrath says: ‘Amazing, the paparazzi always knows. He almost has to ride his bike into the studio.’

Ferrell came onscreen in 1995 and, since 2002, has just about erased equally funnymen Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler. Even Jack Black, Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson could bite the comedy central dust.

Didn’t Elf, Anchorman, Talladega Nights, Blades Of Glory and The Other Guys tickle your funny bone? (A minute’s silence, though, for Land Of The Lost.)

So has all the success gone to your head? Duh, he’s Megamind. Yes, but ever get megalomanic?

Ferrell, who has three young sons with his Swedish wife, said: ‘What I have in common with Megamind is a lot of tight leather pants. Which I don’t wear, keep them in a vault.

‘I have a body part that is blue – genetic defect, which I will not share with you.’

In Megamind, the brainy bad guy goes into a true blue-black funk, yet another trait the actor does not share.

‘Well, once. I wanted to sail round the world in a handmade boat. I had one built for me and, on the second day out at sea, realised I’m not a sailor – no supplies, no navigation skills – I (messed) up.’

It was a lake really.

Ferrell’s humour, what little there was that day, is from a safe place, in Middle America, Main Street suburbia. No drama. He has said they had to create their own by doing funny things to crack friends up.

How about cracking us up huh, here, now?

Dour and deadpan, his occasional flash of a remark is led on first by a journalist’s question.

‘Do you have any quirky fears, like jellyfish?’

‘Yes, heights, and er, jellyfish.’

Admittedly they are not Pulitzer Prize-winning questions, from a gardenful of 75 media persons putting hands up to try to ask one.

Like, if you had to choose between Megamind and Metro Man, Tina, who would you go for?

Oh, mega-nod – should have seen that one coming.

Fey – the funniest woman in America (because of SNL and 30 Rock) and mother of five-year-old girl Zenobia (they have Greek roots) – obliges: ‘I’d go for Megamind. The purple undertones of his blue skin’s beautiful, and, he’s smaller than me.’

A lightbulb moment for Ferrell – ‘I wish I had his waistline’ – indicating the movie poster.

What’s upmost on their minds is the long day as, after the press conference, there are one-on-one interviews with the US media and international television.

‘This is gonna go on till 9 at night,’ Ferrell sighs. ‘Because I have to wait for them to take down the tent.’

Ooh, unexpected laugh there.

Up next for the professional funnyman is a Spanish film based on a telenovella, a soap opera.

For Fey, there’s the prospect of growing old with Sarah Palin, her award-winning, spitting-image impersonation. ‘She was the luckiest thing to happen to me, I’m going to be doing her at 70 in some auto show.’

Arrested Development star Cross, 46, pipes up: ‘I’m, of course, waiting for Minion The Sequel.’

Meanwhile, come this Sunday, no prizes for guessing the Megamind costume’s going to take over America as the nation celebrates Halloween.

Last word to Ferrell: ‘You know, George W Bush would have said about Megamind, ‘He looks funny.’

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Taiwan Actress Barbie Hsu Is Engaged

29 Oct

SHANGHAI: Taiwan actress Barbie Hsu has gotten engaged to Wang Xiao Fei, the son of a wealthy Chinese businesswoman, Wang announced Friday on his micro blog account.

“Everyone stop guessing. We (Hsu and himself) are engaged. It is not sudden and [we were] very calm.

“We simply met the right person at the right time. We just want to have a very happy, comfortable life. I will continue to work on my career. She can return to quiet family life,” wrote Wang about their whirlwind engagement.

“It is very hard for feelings to be wrong, only suitable or unsuitable. Can you please give some space and your blessing to us two youngsters?”

The actress had earlier said that she would hold a press conference to clarify the issue within the next few days but Wang apparently couldn't wait.

However, he isn't the only one to have jumped the gun.

Hsu's father had revealed on Thursday that his daughter would hold a wedding banquet in Taiwan and China in February next year though the pair remained silent about the matter.

Hsu, 34, had only just met Wang at actress Ady An's birthday bash in Beijing earlier this month.

They got along very well and were photographed together on numerous occasions.

But it was only when the pair started posting messages on each other's micro-blog accounts that suspicions were raised about the romantic nature of their relationship.

Wang, like Hsu's ex-boyfriend, actor Vic Chou, is five years her junior. He had previously dated Chinese actress Kitty Zhang, but they separated due to what Zhang described as “incompatible personalities”.

– CNA/ha

Channel News Asia

Sarah Aqilah Bukan Calang-Calang

28 Oct

Ditulis oleh Nonie

Amat mudah tersentuh dan mengalirkan air mata tika membicarakan perihal adik kesayangannya. Bukan mudah menghadapi saat-saat kehilangan adik perempuannya, Shaffadina yang kembali ke rahmatullah setahun lalu akibat jangkitan bakteria di dalam badan.

Sarah Aqilah, pendatang baru dari Kota Singa ini menahan sebak menceritakan pengalamannya sewaktu merakamkan lagu Biar Hati Mencintai ciptaan Aiman.

“Waktu Sarah masuk program Anugerah 2009, adik yang paling banyak beri sokongan dan selalunya arwah akan pergi ke rumah jiran-jiran dan menyuruh mereka undi Sarah. Arwah kerja keras untuk promosi Sarah. Dan bila Sarah menang, dia orang pertama telefon dan ucap tahniah.

“Dan bila rakaman bermula dengan Suria Records (SRC), dia begitu beria-ria nak dengar lagu pertama Sarah. Namun bila Sarah dah siapkan lagu tersebut, dia sudah tiada. Memang tak sangka sangat sebab sebelum ini dia tak pernah sakit,” luahnya ketika ditemui pada Majlis Pelancaran Album Sarah Aqilah di Red Box Sogo.

Menyedari memulakan karier nyanyian agak lewat pada usia 26 tahun, namun bagi Sarah, perjalanan hidupnya telah ditetapkan begitu dan program Anugerah 2009 melunaskan impian sejak kecil menjadi penyanyi.

Bekas pegawai pemasaran Angkatan Bersenjata Singapura ini mengakui sukar pada mulanya menyesuaikan diri dengan dunia glamour, namun tunjuk ajar daripada syarikat rakaman naungannya, SRC membantu Sarah lebih yakin.

“Sarah ni kadang kala kasar sebab sebagai bekas tentera kita dilatih untuk tegas dan Sarah sendiri beberapa kali menjalani latihan menembak menggunakan M16. Memang seronok sebab pengalaman selama tiga tahun di dalam tentera memang tak akan dapat di mana-mana.

“Dan sebelum masuk tentera, Sarah adalah pemain bola sepak wanita Singapura sejak tahun 1997 sampai 2001. Memang Sarah minat sangat main bola dan sekarang Sarah lebih kepada futsal. So bila masuk dunia glamour, Sarah belajar untuk jadi lebih feminin. Sarah belajar sesuaikan diri dengan situasi sekeliling.

“Namun Sarah bersyukur sebab orang menerima kehadiran dalam industri dan cepat kenal sebab Sarah adalah peserta program realiti dan itu membantu untuk mempromosikan album. Sambutan untuk album sangat menggalakkan di sana dan kedatangan Sarah ke Malaysia untuk melebarkan sayap dan perjuangan muzik,” ujarnya yang kepingin berduet dengan penyanyi idolanya, Anuar Zain.

Album Sarah Aqilah memuatkan lima buah lagu dan mempertaruhkan nama-nama besar seperti Sharon Paul menerusi lagu Bukan Persinggahan dan Ku Ingin Kamu. Lagu ciptaan Mohariz Yakup dan Pam Yuen, Jatuh Cinta kini sedang hangat diputarkan di stesen radio tempatan.

Gadis genit ini juga kini berjinak-jinak dalam bidang lakonan dan telah diberi kepercayaan menerajui Project Cerpen – Impian Gadis Jeans Bertampal Di Lutut dan Cinta Izora.

Peminat boleh menghubungi Sarah menerusi laman sosial Facebook menerusi
Alamat email ini dilindungi dari Spambot. Perlukan JavaScript untuk melihatnya



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Formula SPIDER

28 Oct

Ditulis oleh Nonie

Bukan mudah bikin album dan lebih sukar membuatkan pendengar tertarik dengan kualiti yang ada pada muzik yang ditawarkan. Lebih-lebih lagi, lambakan artis baru dalam pasaran muzik kadang kala melemaskan peminat untuk membuat pilihan sehinggakan orang lama dipandang sepi.

Setelah dua tahun menyepi, Spider kini muncul dengan album terbaru berjudul SPIDER – KITASATU. Masih mengekalkan genre muzik trade mark tersendiri iaitu Ska Rock. Masih relevankah kumpulan otai ini bikin album sedangkan arus muzik kini lebih berpihak kepada anak-anak muda yang memperjuangkan muzik indie yang kata mereka adalah luahan jujur?

Bagi Tam, kedatangan artis baru adalah lumrah dan tidak mengganggu perjalanan karier Spider yang disifatkan mempunyai golongan pengikut tersendiri.

“Muzik mengikut selera masing-masing. Muzik seperti makanan, mana yang sedap akan jadi pilihan. Sebagai penggiat muzik, tugas kami hasilkan yang terbaik untuk pendengar. Dan selepas itu tugas peminat pula untuk menilai.

“Saya tak kisah bila banyak band baru yang muncul sebab lagu yang bagus tetap akan diminati. Dan Spider lebih selesa kekalkan muzik Ska sebab itulah identiti kami. Selalunya mereka akan tahu itu adalah Spider bila mendengar lagu kami.

“Ada kepelbagaian dalam muzik kami seperti balada dan rock namun asasnya tetap ska. Mungkin sesuai kalau kami panggil Ska Melayu,” kata Tam sewaktu sesi pra-dengar album terbaru Spider KITASATU di Universal Music.

Mengakui single terbaru, Ajaib kurang mendapat sambutan peminat namun bagi Tam, itu hanyalah salah satu strategi untuk pembukaan album, agar peminat tahu Spider masih lagi bernafas dalam industri muzik tanah air.

“Kami ambil masa dua tahun untuk KITASATU. Dan memang semua album Spider ambil masa dua atau tiga tahun untuk disiapkan.

“Namun tak puas sebenarnya bila hanya ada lima lagu dalam album kerana dulu ada 10 lagu. Kami pilih yang terbaik untuk dihidangkan kepada peminat. Sukar sebenarnya bila terpaksa hadkan keupayaan untuk berkarya. Rasa seperti tersekat namun kami tetap terima keadaan pasaran sekarang.

“Formula kami cuma satu, buat lagu terbaik dan sedap untuk didengar. Kami tak buat killer song tapi kami bikin killer album. Tak ada istilah tangkap muat kalau nak buat album kerana semuanya yang terbaik,” luahnya.

Album KITASATU mendapat sentuhan sifu M. Nasir menerusi lirik Rasakan Resapkan, Bukan Salah Aku dan Tapi Bagaimana. Album ini bakal berada di pasaran bermula 9 November 2010 dan diterbitkan sepenuhnya oleh Spider bawah syarikat rakaman Luncai Emas Sdn Bhd, manakala Universal Music Sdn Bhd bertindak sebagai pengedar dan wakil pemasaran.


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