An Open Secret For The Stylish Set

1 Nov

Fly On The Wall
An open secret for the stylish set
By Yeoh Wee Teck
November 01, 2010

FROM the outside, lifestyle store Hide & Seek appears discreet. Tucked along a quiet stretch of Telok Ayer Street, the biggest hum comes from the nearby temple.

But last Thursday, the store was abuzz with activity.

Hide & Seek threw a gathering to showcase what it offered in-house, anchored by a runway presentation of a collection of clothes and shoes from the uber hip line, Puma Black Station.

Besides this range of Puma, the shop also sells clothes designed by co-owner Keith Png and perfumes procured by make-up artist and Hide & Seek co-owner Clarence Lee.

It also houses an interior design firm.

Think of the shop as a small scale version of Liberty in London and you’re on the right track.

The models valiantly walked around a tiny space – imagine the hall of your four-room HDB flat filled with 100 people.

They modelled clothes from the Puma Urban Mobility range (creative directed by Hussein Chalayan), Miharayasuhiro and Rudolf Dassler Schuhfabrik; Png’s labels Koops and Cloak & Dagger; and bag brand Dothebag.

As expected, a roster of trendy people turned up for the event, ranging from models to celebrities, from fashion stylists to fashion bloggers.

Spotted shoulder-to-shoulder in the shop were actress Dawn Yeoh, model Junita Simon and bloggers Xiaxue and Baggaholic Boy.

OUT IN FULL FORCE: Keith Png, hairstylist David Gan, Clarence Lee, Xiaxue and model Junita Simon.

The magnet of the event seemed to be celebrity hairstylist David Gan. Everyone flocked to him for a chat.

Although Gan was instantly recognisable at the event, chances are, you probably won’t recognise him if you see him tonight.

Gan, along with the who’s who of fashion and riches, is attending a Halloween party hosted by society A-lister Dr Georgia Lee and Designare magazine.

If you recognised him, he would be very upset.

‘It means my costume cannot make it,’ he teased.

Gan refuses to reveal what his costume will be.

But he gave a clue: ‘I bought it from Japan and it will be very nice.’


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