Taiwan Singer Nicky Wu Once Lost Millions In Bad Investments

1 Nov

HANGZHOU, China: Taiwan singer-actor Nicky Wu revealed during a charity event last Wednesday that he once lost millions when two television shows he invested in bombed, reported Taiwan media.

“The most I had lost was about NT$7 or 8 million (between S$S296,000 and S$340,000). At that time, I really felt a sense of failure,” said Wu.

But that didn't stop him from starting his own production company.

With its latest project, drama serial “Perfect Husband”, soon to be completed, Wu expressed that he was confident his new show would be a lot more successful.

“This time, I have finally turned things around. I am here to collect money,” he said.

The soon-to-be-aired serial is based on a popular Chinese web novel and its broadcast rights had already been snapped up by many television stations in China.

When asked about his responsibilities as the boss of a production company, Wu said he relied heavily on his team to manage most of the day-to-day tasks.

The singer-actor, who had only recently turned 40, added that his main duty was to use his showbiz connections to engage the services of actors and actresses for the company's productions.

He also mentioned that he hoped to produce a show that would feature ex-band mates Alec Su and Julian Chen, thus 'reuniting' The Little Tigers.

“Now that I am the producer, I have a lot more control over the production process and won't be passive like I was during my time as an actor. So now when I have an idea, I can start planning for it,” said Wu, suggesting that his idea for a reunion is more than just idle talk.

– CNA/ha

Channel News Asia


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