Barbie Hsu Not The Third Party: Fiance

2 Nov

BEIJING: Taiwan actress Barbie Hsu's fiance Wang Xiao Fei has denied that Hsu was the third party who stole him from ex-girlfriend actress Kitty Zhang, reported Chinese media.

Responding to comments on his micro blogging account by some users that claimed Hsu had caused his split from Zhang, Wang said it was pure speculation.

“I thank everyone for their concern, but these guesses are a little outrageous. The two of us met at Ady An's [birthday bash in October], got along very well and wanted to get married,” he wrote on Sunday.

In addition, he also denied rumours that his relationship with Hsu was just to create buzz for his family's restaurant chain, which will soon enter the Taiwan market.

“Whatever rumours about being the third party or creating buzz for the restaurant is ridiculous. The two of us had a normal romance and decided to get married. It has nothing to do with any other factors,” said Wang in another post that same day.

However, these two entries on his micro blogging account were found to have been deleted on Monday morning.

Wang's fiancee Hsu had to deal with her own controversies as well.

Some have claimed that Hsu, who has the nickname 'Big S', was marrying Wang for his money and addressed her as 'Big $' instead.

The 34-year-old actress dismissed these claims as completely untrue and compared dating Wang with dating Superman.

“If you fell in love with Clark Kent (Superman's alter ego), then realised he was Superman, would you still love him?

“You would secretly laugh [at your good fortune]. What else is there to care about?” said Hsu on her micro blogging account on Saturday, suggesting that she fell in love with Wang before knowing how rich he is.

Wang's mother, wealthy businesswoman Zhang Lan, was convinced her future daughter in law was no gold digger and described Hsu as “quiet” and “virtuous” in an interview on Sunday, revealing that Hsu even bought her an expensive Hermes bag as a gift.

Of course, this gift pales in comparison to what Zhang has in store for her future grandchildren.

The 49-year-old businesswoman said she would “buy homes around the world … in London and in America, to let them [her future grandchildren] vacation there”.

If Zhang's words are any indication of their family's wealth and how much her future mother-in-law likes her, Hsu has indeed lucked out and will soon marry Superman.

– CNA/ha

Channel News Asia


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