Break It Down

2 Nov

SINGAPORE : When Gorilla Crew performed in Singapore two years ago, they brought along a pretty lady in a ballet tutu. This time around, it's going to be all about them.

The South Korean hip hop dance group will be staging “Return”, a dance musical extravaganza about a crew of B-Boys who need to raise money to pay the rent for their dance studio before they get kicked out. And what better way to do so than to join a dance contest?

Except that their landlady doesn't want them to win. Aye, there's the rub.

The story behind “Return” isn't as contrived as you may think. “It is normally very difficult to earn a living as a B-boy,” said producer-director Lee Taewoon. “So in Korea some older team members just withdraw from the team and do other work that is totally not related to B-boying. Although most have a passion for breakdance, they give up and find other work because it is hard to live only on dance. This is the reality.”

He added: “Hip hop dancers are still not famous at all (in Korea) except only a few. But having said that, many singers are combining hip hop dance into their performance like 2pm and Super Junior, and their fans are enjoying their performance.”

And fans can expect to enjoy more of the skillful hip hop moves they saw in 2008's “B-Boyz & Ballerina”.

“We remember very clearly that the audience reaction was really good. It was so good that some of our dancers are looking forward to the next visit,” remembered Lee, who promised that audiences can expect “a very dynamic performance, adrenaline-pumping show” for “Return”.

But does he foresee breakdancing give ballet a run for its money when it comes to stage performances? “I think that's possible. It's hard but if it gathers popularity, then I guess the public will start to think of hip hop as art, I think.”

Channel News Asia


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