Dress To Die For

3 Nov

Fashionistas pull out all the stops at Halloween party at Monu At
Dress to die for
By Sylvia Toh Paik Choo
November 03, 2010

IT WAS not a dark and stormy night…outside.

Inside…it was a thriller.

Oh horrors, said the beautiful girl, I’ve got this gorgeous dress, but nowhere to wear it to.

Hmmm, thought her cohort of forward fashionistas, what if we threw a party round your gothic gown and then everybody could come suitably togged in their own version?

Monstrous idea, luv-it-luv-it-luv-it!

And thus arose The Haunted Mansion, Designare magazine’s to-die-for Halloween party held at Monu At Nomu on Sunday night.

You see, at the Audi Fashion Festival Singapore in April, leading light of the lovelies Dr Georgia Lee had her eye on a sensational gown off DSquared’s runway show – which ended up in her possession.

You have only to look at the back of the black number, and, oh eat your heart and other parts out, Spider-Man!

She was accompanied by her apparent Mini-Me, sporting the same long hair, big black shades and muted checked dress.

It’s celebrity hairstylist David Gan!

Everyone gasped, oh, so cute, so pretty, so stylish as ever.

‘Long skirts for men is now the in thing’

Gan, 49, told The New Paper: ‘Georgia and I didn’t agree beforehand to come in long dresses. I would never dress up as some movie character also. I came as my own unique creation.

‘My outfit is actually a man’s shirt dress from Club 21. Long skirts for men is now the in thing in fashion.

‘First time I ever wore a wig in my life. It was so warm!’

Gan added that he paid more than $1,000 for his dress and forked out $1,500 for his glasses and $900 for his wig.

We don’t know what’s scarier – his Halloween look or the moolah he spent on it.

As for the dream aesthetics doctor to the stars – we all dream of having her complexion and her clothes – she made the loveliest and most beautiful Morticia Addams you’d wish to encounter down a dark alley.

Said Dr Lee, 41: ‘A dear guy friend had bought the dress as a gift for me two weeks ago as he thought it would fit me nicely. Then another guy friend decided to throw a party for me so that I could wear the dress.

‘This dress needs a party’

‘He said ‘this dress needs a party’. I have very nice friends.’

She added: ‘Life is short (so if there’s something you feel like doing), you have to act on it.’

But to get to that party, you had to take the lift first, and eeeks!

The lift attendant made your hair stand, she was the ghost from The Ring (original version) and is she crying ever so softly, oh thank the stars we’re here, out! out!

There was something Tim Burton-ish about the night, hey, Beetlejuice, you got any, I’m kinda thirsty over here.

Oh you’re the Corpse Bride, I could die laughing, and you must be the Count, can I count on you to get me one of those Bloody Marys?

Guests came not in a shy way.

They pulled out all the stops and we’re talking the screws in their necks and ball and chain at their ankles and nails in their, er, fingers and toes, in their funereal best to out-ghoul each other.

No bats nor webs nor tombstones nor body parts nor moving pictures were spared.

The third storey in a building on Handy Road, next door to Cathay cinema, was decomposed into a house of horrors, including a library ill-lit by candelabra and a gallery of portraits whose eyes followed you everywhere you carefully trod.

Dr Lee said she did ask her two sons to attend, ‘but they didn’t RSVP’.

Maybe they didn’t have anything to wear.

‘I’m Emily,’ the Corpse Bride introduced herself, ‘And this is Jack, the nightmare before Christmas.’

The always game husband-and-wife Marya and Kirill Zhuckovs (Russian Singapore PRs, can you blame them, we’re so much more fun) took a day to stitch up their costumes.

‘Very cheap too.’

Former TV host Benedict Goh looked more matinee idol than Count Vlad The Impaler.

Are you in charge of skewering the satay (buffet spread, what, no fright potatoes)?

Dr Frankenstein was the host, MTV VJ Utt was presenter and never looked lovelier; there was the butcher, a real cut-up, the asylum inmate on the lam in his pyjamas and pillow, a quite sharp Edward Scissorhands, a real-life Alice Oei who came as Alice in Wonderland (her prop leg came separately).

The two best in show were Mr Franck Manichon of Paris Bijoux and MediaCorp actress Patricia Mok, who posed with fellow entertainer Irene Ang (surprisingly underdressed for a ghoul’s night out).

Mr Manichon always knows how to enjoy himself, importing his suit of bandages and a macabre mask (the night before he was Freddy Krueger).

Mok was Beetlejuice down to body language.

She said: ‘When you are a character you must play it to the full, especially your eyes, they have to be fearsome.’

To be hauntinued…

Additional reporting by Charlene Chua


The NewPaper


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