Sodagreen: And Then There Were Four

3 Nov

SINGAPORE : Award-winning Taiwan indie band sodagreen had already lost one member when keyboardist Kung Yu-chi went into the Taiwan army to serve his National Service in April, but the sextet will soon lose another when guitarist Ho Jing-yang enlists this month.

And it was hard for Ho to say goodbye.

“Nowadays, whenever we finish our performance and board the bus to rest, he would come up to each of us and touch us on the shoulder, saying 'How much longer do we have?' and start counting down,” said the band's drummer Shih Jyun-wei during a press event last Thursday.

“Initially we were so moved. But then he did it the second time, the third time, then later on, we just felt 'Okay'.

“He started doing this too early … so this gesture's ability to draw tears from us was lost,” said Shih, drawing laughter from the rest of the band.

His words lightened the mood before a forlorn-looking Ho shared his thoughts on not being able to play at the band's Singapore gig in December.

“I really wish I could play at the Singapore concert. I have been watching them rehearse and I imagine myself playing too,” said Ho.

While Ho said he had seen his stand-ins during rehearsals and described them as being “really talented”, his band members insisted that nobody could ever replace him when I met up with them for a more intimate interview on Saturday.

Channel News Asia


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