'I Didn't Even Know I Was In Labour'

6 Nov

‘I didn’t even know I was in labour’
Jamie Yeo, who gave birth to a baby girl 21/2 months early, mistook labour pains for stomach cramps
By Germaine Lim
November 06, 2010


MARRIED: Jamie Yeo and her husband, Mr Thorsten Nolte, at their solemnisation ceremony on Oct 21.

DOUBLE happiness in double time.

It’s been a whirlwind two weeks for Jamie Yeo.

The 33-year-old TV presenter tied the knot with her English beau of nearly two years, Mr Thorsten Nolte, on Oct 21.

And, she gave birth to their baby daughter Alysia on Tuesday.

Although Alysia was born 21/2 months premature, she’s doing well, Yeo told The New Paper.

The infant was 1.2kg and 36cm at birth.

The new mother, who was discharged from Gleneagles Hospital yesterday, said: ‘These things happen. Ididn’t even know I went into labour. I just thought Ihad very bad stomach cramps an entire night.

‘My water bag broke. It was a very easy (natural) delivery. I gave birth within 20 minutes of being admitted. I didn’t have an epidural or painkillers.’

It was only later, when she saw a video MrNolte, 35, had made of the delivery, that she cried.

Yeo, who said she hadn’t attended pre-natal classes before Alysia’s arrival, added that the baby has been crying, ‘which is good as it shows her lungs have developed’.

The new mum gushed: ‘She’s beautiful. Her eyes are so big. She’s got double eyelids.

‘It’s heartbreaking to see her (being) so little. I’d do anything for her.’

The couple have yet to have a chance to hold Alysia as she is in the hospital’s intensive care unit, where she will stay for the next four weeks.

Yeo said: ‘It’s probably good that she’s there because she’s closely monitored all the time.’

Meanwhile, she and Mr Nolte will be preparing for Alysia’s homecoming as they have only a playpen and a stroller at the moment.

The couple intend to give their newborn a Chinese name but have yet to decide on one.

The newlyweds have just moved into their new house in Yio Chu Kang last week.

Low-key wedding for couple

Mr Nolte, who became a Singapore permanent resident four months ago, said: ‘We weren’t expecting her arrival so we haven’t had everything prepared. There’s still loads of things to buy.

‘It’s going to be hectic but fun. She’s gorgeous. I’m ecstatic.’

The couple, who got engaged in April, were gunning for a December wedding.

But Yeo got pregnant and they decided to go through a civil ceremony at the Registry of Marriages (ROM) before the baby was born for the sake of ‘formality’, Mr Nolte explained.

He added: ‘The ceremony was very low-key, which was how we wanted it. Only 10 people, including Jamie’s family, were present.’

The wedding party later celebrated with a dinner at Italian restaurant Ristorante Da Valentino, offRifle Range Road.


Mr Nolte’s family wasn’t there but will be at the ‘proper wedding’ planned for next April in Bali.

So fuss-free was the ROM ceremony, the couple didn’t bother to engage a professional photographer.

They snapped pictures on their mobile phones instead.

They didn’t exchange wedding bands then as Yeo’s fingers were swollen because of the pregnancy and they did not want to get rings in the wrong sizes, Yeo said.

She has had to stop wearing her engagement ring too because of the swelling.

Yeo said: ‘To us, it wasn’t a proper wedding. Wedidn’t want to make a big deal out of it.’

Mr Nolte was posted here 21/2 years ago as the Asia Pacific managing director of marketing conglomerate MEC Interaction.

He now runs a marketing firm, Upfront Media, which he co-owns with Yeo .

She quit her role as an ESPN Star Sports presenter inAugust and is now pitching in at Upfront Media.

Yeo was previously married to Class 95 deejay Glenn Ong for five years. They divorced in July.

The New Paper broke the news about Yeo and MrNolte’s romance when they made their first public appearance as a couple at the adidas Originals 60th Anniversary House Party in March last year.

New baby, new hubby and new home – it’s certainly a brand new life for Yeo, who counts family as her priority now.

‘They say marriage doesn’t change you – having kids does,’ she said.

‘Thorsten said he’s going to be the disciplinarian, but I doubt he will. Neither will I. We’re going to be so soft-hearted. We can’t help it. She’s perfect.’

The NewPaper


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