3 Suitors, But She's Got No Time For Love

7 Nov

3 suitors, but she’s got no time for love
By Kwok Kar Peng
November 07, 2010

MALAYSIAN actress Apple Hong got to kiss and romance two men in her new drama Mrs P.I.

She’s not that lucky in real life though.

The plucky, straightforward 33-year-old told The New Paper that she has been single for three years.

She’s not short of admirers though.

Hong told The New Paper there are currently three men pursuing her – one is a Singaporean Chinese, the second a Caucasian and the third an Eurasian.

She was introduced to the men by friends and has known them for between 10 months and a year.

But sparks aren’t flying because she’s too busy with work.

Said Hong: ‘One of the men called me at night for a bedtime chat. But in my head, I was thinking, I’m so tired I just want to read my lines for tomorrow.

‘It’s hard to be sweet and romantic.’

She added that she’s touched by some of the things her suitors do for her, but finds it hard to fall in love with them.

‘I believe in love at first sight and I want to find someone who makes my heart race,’ she said.

‘But on the other hand, I’m also very logical and want to observe his character, and if he’s being attentive only because he’s pursuing me.’

Hong didn’t use to be so cautious when it came to matters of the heart.

She said she used to be more trusting until a nasty encounter six years ago.

‘I met a man who was interested in me and we went out on around 10 dates for two months, until my friend told me he was married and warned me to be careful.

‘I was flabbergasted. How could some people act so well, and even better than me, a professional actress?’

She added that she used to date for fun when she was younger, but now, she’s hoping to meet someone she can spend the rest of her life with.

She has had three boyfriends before, all of which were long-distance relationships.

But she’s not anxious to snag a husband soon, and joked it’s probably because she still has suitors now.

She also won’t marry someone from showbiz because it’ll be tougher to spend time with family when both work irregular hours.

‘Plus, I’ve scanned through the available guys in our showbiz industry already. I don’t have feelings for anyone,’ she said with a laugh.

How about good-looking and younger men like China heart-throbs Dai Yangtian and Zhang Zhenhuan?

She replied good-humouredly: ‘I’ve already considered them. They are very dashing but they aren’t suitable… because I still prefer men who are more mature.’

She nevertheless got the best of both worlds in Mrs P.I.

She plays a housewife who’s torn between two men – her husband (played by Cavin Soh) and her friend (Zhang) – and gets to smooch both.

The downside? She plays mother to a 14-year-old boy – the oldest on-screen child she’s ever had.

Her previous ‘kids’ were between five and 10 years old.

Nevertheless, she isn’t worried about aging prematurely in reel-life.

She explained: ‘I’m at a stage where I can’t play fresh-faced schoolgirls anymore but I’m not an aunty too.

‘Rather than to treat this as an embarrassing stage, I’ll take it that I’m flexible enough to play both young and aunty roles.’

– Kwok Kar Peng

The NewPaper


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