They'Re Their Own Women

7 Nov

They’re their own women
Jolin Tsai and Lady Gaga are not afraid to be different
November 07, 2010

AMERICAN pop star Lady Gaga, a heavenly queen who enjoys international fame, and Taiwanese songbird Jolin Tsai, the dancing queen of the Asian music scene, are the envy of many.

And their private lives are discussed enthusiastically by fans.

So how do Lady Gaga and Tsai match up against each other in the battle of the divas?

Discreet romance

Tsai used to believe she had to be submissive in a relationship. But her attitude has changed under the influence of her married elder sister.

She said: ‘My sister told me that I must not only be firm in work, but I must also display a tough front in love.

‘To meet a good man and to bear his children is fated, something beyond your control. And in love, you can’t measure these things.’

It’s rumoured this year that sparks flew between her and New Zealander model Vivian Dawson on the set of her music video, Love Player.

But Tsai said she’s not ready to follow in her sister’s footsteps, adding: ‘Marriage requires courage and I won’t make a rash decision.’

Tsai has pleaded with the media not to harass Dawson and reveals that it’s hard for her to find Mr Right.

‘I want a responsible man and not someone who always hides behind me. There are many such men around.’

Tsai said her ideal lover must have a good temperament as she thinks ‘rude and frivolous men are annoying’.

She believes a relationship must be approached with patience.

Alluding to the plight of her good friend, local singer Stefanie Sun, Tsai said: ‘Of course, we hope we could be more open about our relationship.

‘But when Stefanie admitted to seeing someone, it became a distraction as reporters became more interested in her beau than her music.

‘So I think one must be cautious when it comes to personal matters.’

Myself is the latest album from Tsai, who has been in showbiz for 10 years. So is this a swansong of sorts?

She said: ‘I’ve not decided when to retire. I’ve been having many ideas these days and I express these thoughts in my albums.

‘How time flies. Before I realise it, it’s been 10 years.’

When asked if she would consider giving up her career to start a family, she said: ‘No one can predict the future.

‘Many people have asked me this question but I don’t have an answer because I don’t know if my passion for singing will last.’

Crazy antics

Lady Gaga’s flamboyant image has caught the attention of both her fans and the media.

Not contented with tried and tested methods, she is all for pushing limits in her concerts, her antics getting more bizarre with every performance.

On her status as a pop icon of a new era, Lady Gaga said: ‘In the beginning, people called me a sham.

‘It’s true that I’m perpetuating an image of my own but every day, I work hard to make the image real.

‘My eyelashes and hair are all artificial but today, these accessories have become part of Lady Gaga.

‘I don’t want to be a clotheshorse. I want to create fashion.’

And she has become such a success that other up-and-coming vocalists are emulating her.

So what does Lady Gaga, who made it to Forbes magazine’s annual list of the world’s 100 most powerful women, think of this?

She said: ‘I certainly don’t mind – my spirit is all around the globe.’

So between fashion and music, which is more important to Lady Gaga?

She said: ‘It’s a tough choice but I’ll choose music. Still, I’m grateful that my dress sense has captured public attention.’

The latest gossip is that Lady Gaga and her boyfriend Luc Carl will hold a fairytale wedding on Christmas and will exchange vows on either a Greek island or an English castle.

She is also working on her new album, Born This Way, which will be released next year.

She and Elton John will release a duet – Hello, Hello – for the soundtrack of the upcoming animated film Gnomeo And Juliet.

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