11 Nov

November 11, 2010

The one thing that impressed us here was the mobile bar and personalised service from mixologist Wijaya Irawan.

AT TA.KE: Ivan Lim, Michelle Theseira, Shatricia Nair and Avena Seow.

‘I didn’t tell Wijaya what I wanted and asked him to surprise me,’ said Avena Seow.

‘Wijaya made me a Choya tea which came in a Japanese-style teapot with four dainty cups. Well, hedidn’t fail to impress in terms of taste and presentation,’ said Avena, who appeared completely thrilled.

‘The decor is sophisticated and elegant and here’s a place for a crowd with a discerning taste,’ said Michelle Theseira. ‘The very attentive mixologist and the mobile bar made it a refreshingly personalised experience.’

Shatricia Nair chipped in: ‘The mobile bar was entertaining because you could see the mixologist preparing your cocktail with fresh fruit and his array of mixers and spices.’

The place was surprisingly crowded even though it wastucked away at Mount Sophia. While that was impressive, what bowled the women over was singer Alicia Pan’s performance.

‘The atmosphere here was a lot better than I imagined,’ said Shatricia. ‘Alicia did amazing renditions of songs.’

‘She sings beautifully,’ agreed Avena.

‘Alicia sang above the noise of laughter and celebrations, and her heartfelt renditions of popular songs were a pleasure to listen to,’ said Michelle.

‘I actually like the ‘inaccessibility’ of the place because it made it feel like a good, well-kept secret!’

This is where it all began.

‘Danny explained that the bodhi tree has been in the compound of The Substation since it started. To me, it represents his roots and remembering the blood, sweat and tears to live your dreams,’ said Avena.

‘This is a place I can go to with my friends and expect a good time,’ said Shatricia. ‘The last I time I came here was a few months back, but the entertainment has been very consistent.’

Michelle observed: ‘While all three outlets were in the open air, this one felt like it was interwoven with nature. I thought it very interesting and unique. It’s not often you see a restaurant or bar embracing the land it is on and making it part of the establishment.’

All three women had only good things to say about the service, ambience and entertainment.

‘The three venues had excellent cocktails and food, and the staff seemed knowledgeable and ready to make recommendations on drinks and food,’ said Michelle.


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