She Expresses Herself In Cartoon

13 Nov

She expresses herself in cartoon
By Charlene Chua
November 13, 2010

A PRETTY Japanese girl with an amazing voice – May Nakabayashi could have made an impact as a J-pop star.

Instead, May’n, as she is better known, opted to be an anime singer.

She told The New Paper in an e-mail interview that voicing a cartoon character helps her better express herself ‘to the world’.

The 21-year-old said: ‘I can’t explain the difference between the two (careers) very well, but as an anime singer, there is a link with the cartoon.

‘So when I sing as a character in a show, I have a creative role in the story and come up with ways to send many different kinds of messages through singing.’

May’n thrilled local audiences at Anime Festival Asia 2008 and will be back to perform at this year’s event.

Recently, she performed the dark theme song for Japanese psychological thriller The Incite Mill. The film, which is now showing in cinemas here, is about 10 people being roped into a death game.

Said May’n: ‘I never thought the song would not fit my (pretty) image. The screaming, crying song suits me.’

Although, as an anime artiste, she isn’t seen on screen, May’n said she still gets mobbed in Japan. So she often goes out in disguise, wearing spectacles, a cap and a mask (which she said also protects her throat).

She has had ardent fans at every concert giving her portraits of herself.

But she isn’t complaining about their fervour. She was even touched by them at a concert in Osaka last year.

She was performing an unplugged version of her hit song, Diamond Crevasse, when she suddenly lost her voice. Instead of booing her, the audience sang the entire segment for her.

Since then, May’n has made it a point to take extra good care of her throat.

But she admits she can’t say no to one throat-unfriendly Singapore dish – the ‘chewy’ and ‘fragrant’ roti prata, which she tried when she was last here.

Besides hitting the roti prata stalls, she will also visit her ‘favourite place’ here, the Singapore Flyer.

She said: ‘I used to think that the ferris wheel was for only two people and then I saw the Singapore Flyer. It gave me a shock. The view is really beautiful.’


The NewPaper


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