15 Nov

Fly on the Wall
By Sylvia Toh Paik Choo
November 15, 2010

MI CASA, Su Casa. My house is your house. Pretty much the creed Mr Dennis Foo lives by.

Singapore’s Mr Entertainment received the jewel in his crown last month when Singapore Tourism Board conferred its Lifetime Achievement for Outstanding Contribution to Tourism award on the modest man we all know as the brains behind the buzz.

The buzz of all that’s happening, 24/7, on the lifestyle front of this city.

The humble Mr Foo’s rise-and-plateau-and-rise-again in helping and getting Singaporeans and visitors to enjoy themselves, at least a little bit, has been chronicled many a time in print and broadcast media.

So let’s just take you to his party here.

Last Friday night, Mr Foo had an appreciation party for friends, kakis, clients and supporters, to thank people for their part in his win of the high praise from the Singapore Experience Awards 2010.

CELEBRATE: Eric Khoo, Julynn Yeoh and Mike Wiluan; Dennis Foo striking a Saturday Night Fever pose; and Makansutra’s K F Seetoh.

If you know Dennis – and if you don’t quickly join the club – you know when he has a party, it’s like a house party.

It’s like eh, what are you doing, come, come, drop by for a drink, nothing lah, just come by, any time after 9pm, St James, yeah, bring your friend.

Foo house

And so it was, he was expecting some 80 guests, and twice that many showed up at The Wine Bar at St James Power Station, still a happening hub (and home of The New Paper Sports Bar as well, quickly join).

It was as good as going to some popular pal’s big bungalow house for some festive celebration.

A jazz pianist/singer in one corner (her name’s Ywenna Carolin, she’s rather good too), back-slapping friends in another, over there rabble-rousing kakis, the open-plan kitchen serving up chi-chi bites, the loudest supporters are holding up one end of the bar, and in the alley, of course a puff of smokers.

The alleyway, between The Wine Bar and Movida, is what decided it for Mr Foo when he was casing the entire joint as a major nightspot.

‘I loved it, when I walked through here,’ he said.

It’s a great long space, with seating for F&B, and will remind you of European cities where people like to chill between such cozy spots.

Mr Foo and his wife Jenny and son Gordon were pleased as punch at the Lifetime Achievement Award, working the room to thank and toast guests.

‘Even my Shanghai Dollies (Clarke Quay) guests came over so I no need to go there tonight,’ said Mr Foo.

Everybody knew everybody else, it was like a scene from Cheers. Cheers, Dennis.


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