Man Jailed For Demanding Sex

15 Nov

Eddie Quek Yu Meng, 26, was sentenced to two years jail term for corruption and forgery in total. — ST PHOTO: WONG KWAI CHOW

HE TRIED to blackmail a 15-year-old to give him money or have sex with him in return of not taking action against her for underage smoking and littering but all Eddie Quek Yu Meng, 26, got was a 10-month jail term for corruption.

A district court heard on Monday that the former officer with security firm Aetos was attached to the National Environment Authority (NEA) as an enforcement officer in 2008.

While on duty at Woodlands Civic Centre in October, Quek took down the particulars of three teenagers for smoking and littering.

Instead of reporting them to the authorities, he let them go. Four months later, although no longer with Aetos, Quek Yu Meng called the 15-year-old girl and said she should meet him to discuss her offences.

When they met, Tan told her how a different girl had sex with him while a boy gave him money for not taking action against them for offences.

She confided in her boyfriend later and together they went to see the wife of the chairman of the residents’ committee of that area, who advised the girl to go to the police. Investigations then revealed that Quek had accepted a $50 bribe to let off a man for littering in September 2008.

In total, Quek will serve two years in jail for corruption and forgery. .

Straits Times


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