Yvonne & Saint Laurent

15 Nov

Fly on the Wall

Yvonne & Saint Laurent
By Sylvia Toh Paik Choo
November 15, 2010

THEY were like sisters, local actress Yvonne Lim and Hollywood star Nicole Kidman.

STYLING: Kien Koh, Jenice Saw and Kenny Kuek.

In a sense, they were. Both are brand ambassadors of Omega watch and had met in Beijing this week for the horological label’s China event.

The lovely Lim said: ‘It was the first time I’d met Nicole Kidman, and she was really nice.’

I, of course, have met the regular Sheila of a girl – Nicole, not Yvonne – several times and can underline the fact that Kidman is a gem of a person, truly genuine.

Nicole’s sis

FAB FOUR: Grace Chng, Louise Hsiao, Nina Ng and Chiang Yu Lan.

Lim continued, ‘She’s so normal and unpretentious, and asked me where I’m from and when I told her Singapore, she squealed, ‘My sister works in Singapore!’

Oh for goodness sake, even Nicole Kidman’s sister has come here to work?!

We were at the Yves Saint Laurent boutique opening in Marina Bay Sands Shoppes, and Lim was the guest of honour.

You could see that she was honoured to be wrapped in YSL from dress to bag to shoe. The YSL LBD was exquisite – if you are slightly built, like Lim.

Say ‘YSL’ rather than the full name (actually the founder designer was born with six names), because in kinetic Singapore it’s always can-cut-short-or-not, ergo ‘LV’ and ‘D&G’ and ‘JPG’, like ‘PWD’ in place of the mouthful ‘Purposely Want to Dig’.

ACTRESS: Yvonne Lim wearing Yves Saint Laurent.

The late Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent rendered ready-to-wear reputable and was one of the first to put women in men’s suits.

Most of the guests at the cocktails wore office-to-cocktail dresses, a handful of socialites bothered to gird themselves in gowns. Very nicely done, girls.

Six out of 10 wore black (which is the new white, so we’ve read) and as can be expected at such openings, the sales register registered ‘ka-ching’ as another latest pony-hair handbag was snapped up.

What? Ponyhair instead of leather? How PC, YSL.


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