This Sex Kitten Just Plays Cute

16 Nov

This sex kitten just plays cute
Busty Korean pop singer G.Na covers up for her S’pore show
By Charlene Chua
November 16, 2010

SHE had the sexy dance moves down pat. But fans of Korean pop sensation G.Na were surprised that she was covered up in a jacket and pants ensemble at her showcase in Singapore over the weekend.

The well-endowed Canada-born singer made her showbiz debut four months ago. Since then, reports on her D-cup chest and 25-inch waist have sent the Korean media into a frenzy, with headlines like ‘Her body puts Asian women to shame’.

In town on Saturday to perform at the launch of Samsung’s latest mobile multimedia device, the Galaxy Tab, the 23-year-old was the very picture of a pretty Korean star.

But sex kitten she wasn’t.

Student Lola Tay, 15, was among the 200 people who managed to gain entry to G.Na’s 30-minute gig at the SingTel Comcentre by pre-ordering the Galaxy Tab and then queuing up.

Another 800 people outside were able to watch her sing only on big screens.

Lola said that one of the reasons she and her friends had taken to G.Na was that she had ‘the perfect body and perfect voice’.

She told The New Paper: ‘So we were definitely expecting her to appear in some sexy outfit. It’s a well-known fact that Asian women have smaller chests than Caucasian women.

‘So to have an Asian star being able to ‘compete’ with the female Western stars is really rare. My friends and I think she’s going to make it really big.’

However, one can hazard a guess as to why G.Na was all covered up.

She had recently denied talk that she had gone for breast implants.

And with all this attention on her ample decolletage, it was also reported in the Korean media that she had purposely worn clothes that would hide her full figure.

She wore a black top for an earlier performance that she hoped would ‘press in’ her bosom as she wanted the attention to be on her singing.

G.Na took to the stage at the Samsung Galaxy Tab event punctually at 7.30pm but didn’t come out singing.

Sexy to sweet

She wore a shy smile and laughed nervously as she and her four back-up dancers took their places.

But once the music started, she got into her groove with her stylish dance moves and rock star attitude.

Once the music stopped, she was all sweet and giggly again.

Speaking to the crowd in English, she urged everyone to ‘show me some love, okay’.

The audience responded with applause and hooting.

But what really got them off their feet was G.Na’s catchy fourth and final song, I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better.

It is the first single off her debut album, Draw G’s First Breath.

The night got even better when G.Na made a surprise appearance outside the Comcentre where some of her fans were waiting.

Student Tan Min Min, 14, who did not buy the Galaxy Tab, was one of them.

She and five of her friends were hoping to catch a glimpse of their idol but were caught in a crowd frenzy as people surged forward to get close to G.Na.

Said Min Min: ‘To make it even worse, it had started to rain so we were all rushing forward with our umbrellas over our heads.

‘It was madness. But I got to see her. That’s all that matters.’


The NewPaper


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