Student Posts O Level Paper On Twitter

18 Nov

STUDENT Xavier Ong took a picture of his O Level Social Studies examination paper with his camera phone and posted it on Twitter last week. In the tweet, Xavier wrote, ‘Do you dare bring a phone into examination hall and take a picture?’, challenging other students to follow suit.

This shocked a number of Twitter users locally as well as globally. A girl from the United Kingdom commented on his picture on Twitpic, saying, ‘Is this legit?’

Having such attention has only made this teenager’s resolve stronger to make more controversial comments. He admitted that he posted the picture as a publicity stunt and even released a video explaining how it all happened. At the end of the day, he hoped to gain more twitter followers after this incident.

In other news, some commuters have been experiencing some bumpy encounters while using public transport. Two women, both in their late 40s, made a mountain out of a mole hill after one of them bumped into the other while moving into the inner seat on the bus. The two women kept swearing at each other loudly in Hokkien all throughout the journey.

For this and more stories making headlines on STOMP this week, watch these clips on RazorTV.

Straits Times


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