19 Nov


Stars glam up the movie premieres…or not
Some people take movie titles way too literally.
By Jeanmarie Tan
November 19, 2010

Their latest movie is called Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part 1, but that doesn’t give this quartet of ‘witches’ the excuse to look like, well, death.

Instead of following the gothic glamour dress code at the London premiere, supporting actresses Bonnie Wright, Evanna Lynch, Clemence Poesy and Katie Leung deserve to be at the receiving end of the ‘obliviate’ hex.

Was leading lady Emma Watson the only one who remembered how to cast a spell on the red carpet?

But more on her next week.

1 Is Wright – who plays Harry Potter’s girlfriend Ginny Weasley – 19 going on 40?

Guess the Brit chick really wants to grow up fast.

She was anointed as a rising style star for sporting Prada and Miu Miu at last year’s Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince premieres but now we know it’s just hype.

One look at her matronly all-black get-up – comprising a shapeless silk and velvet long-sleeved dress resembling judicial robes, tights and pumps – and we’re ready to haul her to court for committing crimes of fashion.

All that’s missing is a curly white judge’s wig.

2 Lynch, 19, is yet another premature ager.

She earned worldwide fame thanks to her role as Harry’s loopy schoolmate Luna Lovegood, but is totally unrecognisable here.

Could a Polyjuice Potion be at work? How is it possible that such a young lady can pass off as a world-weary strumpet past her prime?

The Irish lass ill-advisedly ditched her character’s peroxide blonde tresses for a deep auburn shade and appears much chunkier off screen.

The unflattering, over-poufy peach taffeta skirt and cheap-looking sparkly platform heels also aren’t doing her any favours.

3 Poesy is French by birth and has a supporting turn on the hit TV series Gossip Girl, so she should have high fashion in her blood.

But she’d rather channel granny chic in this midnight blue haute couture lace-and-roses confection from Chanel with oversized puffed sleeves and long hemline.

Still, the 28-year-old model – who plays French student Fleur Delacour – is the best of the worst because at least she still looks rather beautiful.

I also appreciate Poesy’s unusual clutch by Olympia Le-Tan that’s shaped like a book – a cute nod to author JK Rowling’s novels on which Harry Potter flicks are based.

4 What’s Leung doing on the red carpet when she isn’t even in Part 1?

Worse, what was she thinking?

The Scottish-Chinese 23-year-old had the gall to turn up looking like a cosplay librarian – complete with over-powdered face, exaggerated baby doll curls and conservative buttoned-up brown frock.

Someone should tell Leung that Halloween is over, because she’s really starting to scare me.

To think she famously beat thousands of girls to play the pretty Cho Chang, Harry’s school crush whom he gives his first kiss to.

What this poor girl really needs is an invisibility cloak, because such nightmarish ensembles are better left unseen.


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