Older Stars & Younger Men – A New Trend?

21 Nov

Older stars & younger men – a new trend?
November 21, 2010

IT’S fashionable for older female celebs to get into a relationship with younger men, Charlene Choi, Jolin Tsai and Barbie Hsu being the latest examples.

We examine some of these romances to see if there will be any ‘happily ever after’ for the couples.

Charlene Choi, 28, and William Chan, 25

When Chan split from Hong Kong model Angelababy, it did not create as big a storm as the revelation of his romance with Choi. Both singers are with the same record company, EEG. Since going public about their relationship, they have received much encouragement from friends and fans. And the couple have bought an apartment.

Choi, who is divorced from actor-singer Ronald Cheng, said she doesn’t plan to remarry soon. Chan has said he wants to establish his career before tying the knot.

Jolin Tsai, 30, and Vivian Dawson, 26

Tsai is said to have become attracted to Dawson after meeting the New Zealand model in a nightclub. Tsai then invited Dawson to appear in her music video, Love Player. They holidayed in Japan and even though friends have acted as decoys on their outings, Tsai and Dawson have not been able to shake off the paparazzi. Though Dawson is less well-known than Tsai, her fans seem to like him.

Miriam Yeung, 36, and Real Ting, 31

Their five-year age gap has caused people to wonder whether their relationship will last. Last year, a stir was caused in entertainment circles when their marriage was exposed.

Yeung has acknowledged that it can be hard for her husband to live in her shadow. Despite the attention, Yeung and Ting have thrown caution to the wind by publicly displaying their affection. The couple’s wedding banquet will be held on Dec 20.

Michelle Chia, 35, and Shaun Chen, 32

After a six-year courtship, the local actors tied the knot in May last year. But recently, there has been talk that all isn’t well in their marriage and that Chen is unhappy about living in Chia’s shadow. It is also said that their different social status and cultural backgrounds have driven a wedge between them. But the rumours faded after they e-mailed the media to say they remain committed to each other.

Faye Wong, 41, and Li Yapeng, 39

Wong’s popularity has ensured that all her romances received intense media coverage and her marriage to Li is no exception. When the couple began dating, there was talk that Li was living off Wong and after their marriage, the media has been watching him to ensure he stays faithful.

But Wong has ignored all the talk about her marriage. For his part, Li has withstood the pressures and has done well in his roles as husband and father.

Barbie Hsu, 34 and Wang Xiaofei, 29

After dating for just 20 days, the Taiwanese actress announced her engagement to Wang whose father is the boss of the South Beauty restaurant chain in China. Their romance has shocked entertainment circles and made their parents anxious. In response to media reports that criticised their romance as a publicity stunt for South Beauty, the couple have opted to keep mum in a silent protest. They registered their marriage on Nov 16.

Demi Moore, 48, and Ashton Kutcher, 32

Everyone was stunned when Moore married Kutcher after her divorce from actor Bruce Willis. After five years together, there have been recent rumours of Kutcher’s infidelity. However, Moore has refuted naysayers by posting pictures of their blissful married life on Twitter.

Mariah Carey, 40, and Nick Cannon, 30

Carey and Cannon decided to marry just six weeks after their first meeting. Carey’s sceptical fans accused Cannon, a comedian, of riding on her fame to further his showbiz career. But the cynicism has mostly faded after Carey announced that she and Cannon are expecting their first child early next year.


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