HK Actor Adam Cheng Hospitalised After Four-Metre Fall

1 Dec

HONG KONG: Veteran Hong Kong actor Adam Cheng was hospitalised after hurting his right shoulder when he fell down a four-metre prop 'mountain' while filming the drama serial “The War of the Heart” on Monday, reported Hong Kong media.

In the scene he was shooting, Cheng was supposed to save two children from falling down but lost his balance when one of the child actors pulled on his arm too hard and caused him to fall instead.

“One of the kids pulled me down. They were suspended on wires, I wasn't. In the end, my shoulder hit the ground first,” said Cheng.

Fortunately, there was some padding placed at the bottom of the 'mountain', but Cheng still got a bruised nose from the fall and suffered cuts on his face as he was wearing glasses when he hit the ground.

Cheng underwent Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) on Tuesday after complaining that his injured shoulder felt numb and that he felt pain in his back and head.

The MRIs were clear but Cheng, who had since been discharged, might still need to take painkillers for the pain.

Although his head and neck still feels sore, the 63-year-old actor told reporters that same night that he has been asked to return to work on Wednesday despite his injuries as the filming schedule was too tight.


Channel News Asia


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