HK Actress Ada Choi Expecting First Child

1 Dec

HONG KONG : Hong Kong actress Ada Choi's husband, Chinese actor Max Zhang, has revealed that the couple is expecting their first child next year, reported Hong Kong media.

Zhang, 36, said during a promotional event on Tuesday that he had just found out about it recently and did not know when Choi is due.

It is also still too early to tell the gender of a baby, but Zhang happily declared that “it doesn't matter if it is a boy or a girl” and just wanted the child to be healthy.

The father-to-be went on to point out that his patience will be sorely tested during Choi's pregnancy as she had become very irritable lately.

“Ada has always had a bad temper. It [Choi's temper] is even worse now.

“But I understand expecting mothers experience a lot of changes and sometimes it [their temper] can be very difficult to control, so as her husband, I should tolerate it,” said Zhang with a smile.

Currently taking a break in Hong Kong, 37-year-old Choi will soon return to China to work on a drama serial despite her pregnancy, as she is contractually bound to complete the project, although a specialist will be hired to take care of her on the set.

“The project should be completed before the Lunar New Year and she will return to Hong Kong to care for the foetus,” said Zhang.

Zhang and Choi dated for four and a half years before getting married in 2008.

– CNA/ha

Channel News Asia


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