Carina Lau Turns 46 With Lavish Birthday Bash

8 Dec

SHANGHAI: The intriguing invitation read “To mask in order to unmask – A masquerade party for … anyone but you.”

It definitely isn't your average birthday party invitation, but when you are a famous actress like Carina Lau, 'average' just doesn't cut it.

You celebrate your birthday in style.

According to Chinese media reports, the Hong Kong star threw a lavish masquerade party at a boutique hotel in Shanghai to celebrate her 46th birthday on Wednesday, which saw some 200 guests, dressed to the nines with elaborate masks turning up for the event.

Celebrities like singers Faye Wong and Alex Toh along with actress Li Bing Bing were spotted partying away at Lau's birthday bash, which is estimated to have cost a seven figure sum.

But the biggest star who showed up was Lau's own husband, Tony Leung, one of Asia's most sought after (and well-paid) actors.

He specially took time off from shooting his latest film, Wong Kar Wai's “The Grand Master” to take to the catwalk for the opening of Lau's fashion store earlier in the day, as well as to attend his wife's birthday bash.

While Lau discouraged guests from bringing camera phones to the party for privacy reasons, leaked photos showed a visibly moved Lau hugging Leung, then cutting her birthday cake together with him.

“Every year, Tony would do his best to find time and celebrate my birthday with me. Recently, he has been very busy with filming so I am very moved that he could make it.

“I haven't seen him for such a long time,” said Lau wistfully after the opening of her fashion store.

The actress expressed that her birthday wish was to be “healthy and carefree”.

– CNA/ha

Channel News Asia


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