Jailed For Semen Drink

8 Dec

THE man who tainted his female colleagues’ water and tea with his semen and secretly recorded them drinking was jailed for 18 months on Wednesday.

Sim Keng Tee, 35, then a civilian officer with the Singapore Police Force, was convicted last week of two counts of mischief and eight charges of intruding into the privacy of his female colleagues and unknown women.

Sim, who had a total of 159 charges, had masturbated to a photograph of a woman colleague on Feb 21, 2008 and collected the semen in a small bottle.

He recorded the act on his mobile phone. He returned to his office and waited for the victim to leave temporarily so that he could mix his semen with the drinking water in her water bottle. He also recorded this. He then chatted with her and secretly recorded her drinking the tainted water.

He struck again two months later with another female colleague. He poured the semen into her water bottle of green tea. While talking to her, he recorded her drinking the water mixed with his semen.

His offences came to light in September last year when a third female colleague caught him taking upskirt photos of her.

Straits Times


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