Two Trains Collide In Bangladesh, At Least 20 Hurt

8 Dec

DHAKA : Two passenger trains collided at a station just outside the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka on Wednesday, injuring at least 20 people, local officials told AFP.

One train was halted at the station when the second one ploughed into it and workers at the scene were trying to rescue people from inside the carriages.

“Both trains flew skywards. We are cutting through the twisted metal to get to the victims. I have seen at least 20 people injured,” Momena Khatun, Narshingdi deputy district chief, told AFP.

“There are still many more trapped inside, but we have not pulled any bodies out yet. Firefighters and police are there cutting people out of the wreckage. One train rammed into the carriages of the other train,” she said.

“Most of the injured are very serious and they will need to be sent to Dhaka to get more treatment.”

Victims with severe leg and head injuries were being treated at a hospital near the crash in Narshingdi district, 30 kilometres (20 miles) northeast of Dhaka.

“It is a big accident, we fear there may be casualties, I am heading there now,” Belayet Hosain, head of the national railway, said.

– AFP/ms

Channel News Asia


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