Marathoners Upset

11 Dec


FRESH complaints have emerged about Sunday’s Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore, this time over the souvenir T-shirts for finishers.

Runners who completed the 42km race are unhappy that the shirts, which are prized as keepsakes, were not available in the correct size, even though they had specified which sizes they wanted before the event.

Some have even accused runners in the shorter race categories of taking the shirts, which are meant only for those who finished the full marathon.

Bank manager Esther Chua, who was running in the event for the fourth time, had ordered an M-sized shirt during the registration several months ago.

But when she reached the finish line at around noon, she was told that only XL and XXL-sized shirts were available.

‘I saw many people who ran the 10km and 21km routes who left the Padang wearing tees meant for marathon finishers,’ said the 29-year-old. ‘This dilutes the value of the effort we’ve put in to complete the full run. The distribution should be controlled more strictly.’

Read the full story in Wednesday’s edition of The Straits Times.

Were you affected by the T-shirt mix-up? Tell us on The Straits Times Discussion Boards.

Straits Times


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