Computers Help Devotees Find Ancestral Tablets

19 Dec

SINGAPORE: Temples in Singapore are becoming increasingly tech-savvy in their operations.

One temple has even set up a computer kiosk to help devotees keep track of the ancestral tablets.

When Madam Toh visited Leong San See Temple last week to offer her respects to her ancestors, she was told that the ancestral tablets had been moved and were now “computerised”.

She was worried she would have to use a computer to pay her respects.

But after talking to the temple management, she found out they had simply set up a computer kiosk to make it easier for devotees to find their ancestral tablets.

Previously they had to go through an old, torn and tattered book to locate the tablets.

MediaCorp spoke to a company that designs such computer services for temples and found that at least six large temples use similar systems in their operations.

In Japan, there are cases of people entering pictures of their ancestors with ancestral offerings into a computer to carry out ancestral worship.

But in Singapore, temple elders MediaCorp spoke to felt the Chinese are still unable to accept such a practice.

They added that there is enough space in temples in Singapore to physically display ancestral tablets, so there is still no need for such a practice here.

– CNA/ir

Channel News Asia


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