'I Didn't Try To Kill Myself'

19 Dec

Ms Zhou Zhi Hui insisted that she did not try to kill herself when she fell 12 storeys from a condominium into a swimming pool. — ST PHOTO: ALPHONSUS CHERN

26-YEAR-OLD Zhou Zhi Hui, who survived a 12-storey fall from a Balestier condominium into a swimming pool, was adamant that she did not try to kill herself.

The Shandong native was called up to Tanglin Police Division on Monday where she underwent a 5-hour interrogation over the incident which is being investigated as an attempted suicide.

She has denied this, reiterating on RazorTV that she had ‘borrowed a lot of money to come to Singapore to work and hasn’t earned enough yet so there is no reason for her to commit suicide.’

Ms Zhou, who worked as a KTV hostess here, sustained bruises on her back and thighs during the fall. She constantly complained about chest pains throughout the interview.

Here is her personal account, as she describes the tussle between her and her landlord that led to her plunging 40m into the pool.

Straits Times


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