S'porean Falls To Death In NZ

19 Dec

21-year-old Singaporean student, Ong Eng Wu died after falling on Mt Aspiring near Wanaka. — PHOTO: ONG FAMILY

A SINGAPOREAN student studying in Melbourne University died after falling from Mount Aspiring in New Zealand.

Mr Ong Eng Wu, 21, was scaling the mountain with a male climbing companion on Wednesday when he fell 800m to his death, the Herald Sun reported.

He is believed to have fallen at about 6.50am, just 200m from reaching the summit of the 3,033m-tall mountain.

Mr Ong’s companion asked for assistance from another climbing party he met when he reached the summit.

The Southland Times reported that Mr Ong was found in a 4m-deep crevasse at the base.

According to rescue team leader Gary Dickson, Mr Ong and his companion had been climbing unroped, which was ‘not unusual’ but increased the risk.

Mr Dickson said the weather was ‘perfect’ and the pair were doing well to climb so high by early morning, the Southland Times reported.

An investigation has been started to find out the cause of Mr Ong’s death.

Straits Times


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