Cecilia Cheung Thrown Off Horse During Film Shoot

20 Dec

BEIJING : Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung sustained minor injuries while shooting a horse-riding scene for her upcoming movie “The Lady Generals of the Yang Family” in Inner Mongolia on Saturday, reported Chinese media.

Cheung, who plays Mu Guiying in the Jackie Chan-produced film, fell off a horse, sustaining scratches to her face, neck and shoulder.

“I was almost scared to death when Cecilia fell from a horse a few days ago. Her shoulder, neck and face were injured,” the actress' make-up artist posted on his micro-blog, along with a photo showing Cheung's plastered right shoulder.

Cheung later released a statement through her manager saying that she was fine and to remember that she has “a high tolerance for pain and was the most courageous woman”.

The 30-year-old actress resumed work after the accident and even made an appearance at a store opening in Suzhou before returning to Hong Kong in the weekend.

Recounting the incident in a phone interview with Chinese media, Cheung's manager said: “The wind was very strong that day. Cecilia was fine when she practised riding the horse a couple of times before the shoot but when we started filming, the horse threw her to the ground.

“As Cecilia's costume was very heavy, she had difficulty getting up again and the horse nearly stepped on her, fortunately the horse's owner managed to restrain it.”

Directed by Frankie Chan, “The Lady Generals of the Yang Family” is Cheung's fourth movie project since her comeback after having her second son, Quintus, in May this year. It is scheduled for a release next summer.

– CNA/il

Channel News Asia


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