Wake Held For Mountaineer Ong Eng Wu

20 Dec

SINGAPORE: A wake for 21-year-old Ong Eng Wu was held on Sunday. The Singaporean mountaineer died after falling 800 metres from Mount Aspiring in New Zealand on 15 December.

A rescue team found Eng Wu's body in a 4-metre-deep crack at the base of the mountain. He and his companion were believed to have been climbing the mountain unroped.

According to Wanaka Alpine Cliff Rescue team leader Gary Dickson, climbing unroped is not an unusual practice.

“To me, when I look at the facts of the case, I sort of feel (that) it's possible my brother just slipped….because they said he had climbed six mountains in eight days. I can imagine the exhaustion,” said Eng Wu's brother Lance.

Eng Wu was affectionately called “egg” because of the shape of his head when he was born.

His secondary school friends described him as being mature for his age and a leader.

“He was always the most logical, and most positive among all of us. So, he taught us so much when he was around. He was always a positive influence, a great leader,” said Russell Lim, a secondary school friend of Eng Wu.

“He has a different mindset from other friends that I have. Since Secondary Two, he has been very matured in his own thinking. And he believes in doing what he wants,” said Ong Kong Chiyi, another secondary school friend of Eng Wu.

“Basically when we were with him, we felt he was a big brother,” said Ang Qi Xiang,
who was also Eng Wu's secondary school friend.

Eng Wu's funeral will be held on Tuesday.

– CNA/ir

Channel News Asia


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