BMTC On Pulau Tekong To Be Fully Internet Ready By 2011

26 Dec

SINGAPORE : All four schools of the Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC) on Pulau Tekong will be fully Internet-ready by next year.

Currently, three schools already have wireless Internet access, and the fourth will follow suit soon.

The Ministry of Defence (Mindef) said its online sites like LearNet can reduce learning time, allowing recruits to focus on other skills such as marksmanship and battle inoculation.

Online discussion of training matters between recruits and commanders is also possible. But recruits are not allowed to discuss other matters or upload any photos.

Once a security compromise is detected, Mindef said it will shut down the wireless Internet access immediately.

It said Internet access in basic military training is necessary to keep up with the better-educated recruits.

“We also recognise the abilities of our new generation of recruits to absorb technology, and they are very tech-savvy. So we are leveraging on technology to enhance our training efficiency,” said LTC Ng Chee Sing, Commanding Officer at BMTC School.

– CNA /ls

Channel News Asia


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