Designer Cakes Are The Craze This Festive Season

26 Dec

SINGAPORE : This festive season, get set for cakes that not only look good, but also sound great!

Traditional favourites like log cakes are making way for “designer and 3D cakes”.

And some of them even come with music.

The fancy cakes can take up to 10 hours to be completed, and some even cost as much as S$400 each.

But customers don't seem to mind.

One cake designer accepts about 40 orders every month.

“The difference between designer cakes and normal cakes is that normal cakes are run-of-the-mill. Designer cakes are made just for you. And of course, there's a wow factor that people have over designer cakes,” said part-time baker Christy Tania Angwidjaja.

Some hotels are also relying on designer cakes to draw visitors.

Bakers at Fullerton Hotel took about 100 hours to build a replica of the hotel, using 50kg of gingerbread, white chocolate and chocolate fondant.

And some are not satisfied at just admiring the work of art, they prefer to get into the act by learning how to make such cakes.

The Bake it Yourself training centre now has over 2,000 students. It has increased the number of classrooms from one to four, since it opened for business three years ago.

“It's very interesting and I'm actually thinking of attending other classes,” said one student.

“I think it's quite fun because it's hands-on,” said another.

The cake baking school said many of its students are young mothers who want to make their own cakes for their children's parties.

– CNA /ls

Channel News Asia


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