Croupier To Plead Guilty To Misappropriating Chips

28 Dec

SINGAPORE : A Taiwanese celebrity's daughter who was working as a croupier at Resorts World Casino faces charges of stealing casino chips worth more than S$110,000.

Chiu Yee-Fong, 30, told the court on Monday that she intends to plead guilty and her parents would be making restitution on her behalf.

Her father, Mr Chiu Yong Qin, a regular on Taiwanese drama serials, was also in court on Monday.

Speaking to Channel NewsAsia, Mr Chiu said: “Now that it has happened, we must face the facts and take responsibility for it. We will return the money that was stolen, it doesn't belong to us after all.

“Normally, the time I spend with her is quite little. Here I am probably to blame.”

Mr Chiu said his daughter had problems adjusting to life in Singapore since her move here a few months ago.

He added that she was emotionally unstable and communications with her have been problematic. She has been seeing a psychiatrist for more than six years.

Yee-Fong is believed to have converted cash chips, entrusted to her, for her own use between September 28 and November 7 this year.

More than S$11,000 worth of casino chips was also allegedly found in her Toa Payoh flat in October.

Her case has been adjourned for a week for the prosecution to appoint a Deputy Public Prosecutor to handle the matter.

Yee-Fong will be back in court on January 3.

If convicted, she faces up to 15 years' jail and a maximum fine of S$150,000.

– CNA/ir/al

Channel News Asia


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