Jeanette Aw Dating Joshua Ang?

28 Dec

SINGAPORE: Caldecott princess Jeanette Aw is reportedly in a relationship with former MediaCorp actor Joshua Ang, who is ten years her junior.

Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao reported that a member of the public, who claimed to be friend of Ang, had called the Wanbao News hotline to spill the beans on their relationship.

The source said the couple have been together for a year, and that Ang intends to keep the relationship a hush affair.

The source added that the pair often 'hooked up' via the online game “War of Warcraft” during late nights due to Aw's hectic filming schedule.

According to the report, the 21-year-old Ang, who left MediaCorp in July this year to focus on his recycling business, splashes out S$3,000 a month on his lady love and and frequently brought Aw to Swissotel Equinox and other trendy restaurants for meals. He even booked a private room at the Equinox in order to keep their relationship away from the media spotlight.

The pair were also spotted in a restaurant located in the western part of Singapore, which is opened by a friend of Ang's.

Staff said they have seen both of them having meals in the restaurant before but refused to reveal more details.

When contacted by Wanbao reporters, Ang steadfastly denied the rumours.

He curtly replied 'No' when asked if the two were in a relationship; whether he spent S$3,000 a month on Aw; and how the pair keep in contact via online games.

He only revealed that his current focus is on his business and his intentions to work overseas as he does not want his career to be affected by the rumours.

Despite the ten-year age gap, Ang's career has been on the rise and he reportedly earns S$20,000 a month.

When contacted by reporters, Aw too shot down the relationship rumours but admitted that the pair often met up in private for meals to discuss personal matters.

“We are not romantically involved. We are just friends who get along very well. I've always treated him as a younger brother and dote on him,” said Aw who played Ang's elder sister in Channel 8 drama serial “New Beginnings” which aired this year.

The actress revealed that it was only after filming wrapped that they realised they shared a good rapport and thus frequently asked each other out for meals.

She however downplayed the chances of being in a May-December relationship.

Describing herself as a 'practical' woman, her partner's maturity is the main criteria on her checklist.

“I can then depend on him and be able to confide in him. Hence, I'm more acceptable of a relationship with a much older guy,” she laughed.

She also added that she would not avoid Ang because of the rumours.

– CNA/fa

Channel News Asia


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