Maid Only 16, Not 24

28 Dec


THE Indonesian maid who allegedly killed her employer’s 12-year-old disabled daughter in Hougang is only 16.

An amended charge stating Nurhayati’s actual age, was tendered in court on Friday. The age of the maid, who goes by one name, was originally given as 24.

Nurhayati, who is from Indramayu in West Java, has been charged with murder by causing Linda Lee Yee Lin’s death at Block 573 Hougang Street 51 on Nov 24. Under the Criminal Procedure Code, no sentence of death will be imposed against anyone under 18 years.

Instead, the offender will be detained during the President’s pleasure. This means that anyone under 18 and convicted of a capital charge will not hang but be detained for an indefinite period.

Nurhayati – who has been examined by a psychiatrist – was remanded another week for psychiatric assessment. Her case will be mentioned again on Dec 31.

Outside the courtroom, her lawyer Mohamed Muzammil Mohamed told reporters that he and officials from the Indonesian Embassy visited Nurhayati’s family in the village last week and ascertained her age from school records and interviewing the family.

Straits Times


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