The Zzen Of Marriage

28 Dec

SINGAPORE: MediaCorp actor Zzen Zhang is tying the knot with long-time Malaysian girlfriend Geline See on January 14 next year, and he is one happy man.

“We met in Singapore after (Singapore actress) May Phua's husband introduced us. I felt she was a great girl and became an item after going out for a bit.

“We have been together for seven to eight years already,” gushed Zhang during a phone interview with on Thursday.

I could hear the joy in his voice, even when he talked about how painful it was to shoot their wedding photos.

The couple had spent a total of seven days on their wedding shoot, at a farm and atop a mountain in Taiwan. They even did an underwater shoot in a pool at the Bintan Banyan Tree resort.

“It was really cold on the mountain top because it was 4,000 feet (1,219 metres) above sea level. We had to act as though it wasn't and smile for the camera.

“It was so cold, we shivered throughout and thought we were going to freeze to death! She had it worse. I was wearing a coat but she (Geline) was wearing a thin wedding dress!” said Zhang, punctuating his sentences with laughter.

The underwater shoot at the pool was no picnic either. The photographer wanted to do it late at night to get the best lighting effect, but that was also when the water in the pool was at its coldest.

“That was pretty rough!” said the 31-year-old.

But in our previous meetings, the “Little Nyonya” star had always been very easy going and not too particular about wedding matters.

This elaborate wedding shoot doesn't sound like something Zhang would do at all.

“No, it's all my wife's idea,” he admitted.

“She said she wanted to do something different. She saw this travel television show on Taiwan and felt it was beautiful so we went.”

If he listened to her this much before they got hitched, would Zhang get pushed around by her after they officially marry on January 14?

“No. I won't let her,” said Zhang, before thinking better of it and changing his answer. “Okay, a little bit!”

“We have to compromise occasionally right? That is marriage,” he said, breaking into laughter.

Zhang went on to reveal that their wedding dinner will be held next year at an Italian restaurant in Singapore, and that he has invited a little over a hundred guests, including stars like Zhang Yao Dong, Priscilla Chan and Christopher Lee.

Unfortunately, it will be back to work for the actor, who is currently busy with his upcoming drama “Happy Birthday”, shortly after his nuptials.

“We won't be going on honeymoon anytime soon, because I spent most of my money already,” said Zhang, chuckling. “And I still have to save up to buy a home!”

– CNA/ha

Channel News Asia


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