Leon Lai To Become Father

29 Dec

HONG KONG: Hong Kong star Leon Lai is poised to become a father according to reports of his wife Gaile Lok's pregnancy.

The news broke when the singer-actor's father unwittingly disclosed during a gathering that Lok is two months pregnant.

Lai, 43, and Lok met in 2000 and started dating openly in 2005. Their secret Las Vegas wedding only came to light in 2009 following the exposure of a string of Hong Kong celebrity secret marriages.

Since then, there have been several false alarms over Lok's pregnancy.

However, it seems likely that there will be a new addition to the Lai family in the new year when an overjoyed elder Lai blurted out “I'm going to be a grandfather!” during a recent gathering of friends.

It is widely understood that the family is delaying the official announcement to keep in line with traditional Chinese custom.

According to belief, it is bad luck to announce one's pregnancy any earlier than three months.

It is also reported that Lai's absence at the recent wedding ceremony of fellow Hong Kong star Miriam Yeung and Real Ding was related to Lok's pregnancy.

Outsiders earlier perceived that Lai's no-show was due to the poor relationship between him and Yeung.

However, it is now believed that his absence was in strict accordance to traditional customs as it is considered bad luck when two auspicious events clashed together.

Both Lai and Lok have remained silent over the matter despite reporters' repeated attempts to contact them.

– CNA/fa

Channel News Asia


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