Matilda Tao Reveals Severity Of Selina Jen's Injuries

29 Dec

TAIPEI : It appears that S.H.E's Selina Jen's injuries may be more serious than earlier reported.

Popular Taiwanese host Matilda Tao revealed the extent of Jen's injuries in her blog on Sunday and obliquely questioned earlier media reports on the severity of the burns, after visiting the singer at the hospital.

“I saw a girl who has a haircut resembling an army boy. Is that her (Jen)?”, Tao wrote in a post titled “Is That Her?”.

Earlier media reports stated that Jen's face had escaped severe burns but in her blog, Tao said the current condition was different from what the media had portrayed.

“Didn't reports state that her face was alright? What are the red, yellow, and slightly charred beige patches on the face all about?” she wrote.

Tao noted that Jen's face was swollen and traces of blood were evident.

There were a number of stitches on Jen's scalp and Tao said two patches of skin from her scalp had been removed to replace the affected areas on her legs.

Jen and her co-star Ham Yu suffered severe burns when explosives went off earlier than planned on the set of Chinese drama “I Have A Date With Spring” on October 22.

According to her music label HiM International Music, Jen, 29, suffered burns on 54 per cent of her body, mainly on her legs and waist.

Despite her steady recovery after skin graft operations, there were visible blood stains on her body suit covering her hands and legs.

Tao wrote that Jen told her that she used to suffer from fevers everyday after the accident and had to be given morphine to quell the pain. The singer was also in a coma-like state the whole time and couldn't recall what she said then.

The blog entry has since garnered plenty of attention and netizens have criticised Tao for showing a lack of respect to Jen by posting a detailed description of her current condition.

Tao later explained that she had sought permission from Jen's family before publishing it and that the content was a toned down version of what she had witnessed.

On a positive note, Jen's rehabilitation has progressed smoothly. On December 24, she finally took her first steps in more than two months.

Under the watchful eyes of her family members and S.H.E members Ella Chen and Hebe Tian, Jen managed to complete a short distance in the room.

“Selina is finally able to walk as she completed a small round in the room. This must be the best Christmas present I have received from her,” said Jen's father on his microblog.

– CNA/fa

Channel News Asia


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