Sentosa Cove Death A Misadventure

29 Dec

SINGAPORE: State Coroner Victor Yeo has recorded a verdict of misadventure on the death of a China national, whose naked body was found in a pool at Sentosa Cove in March.

The court also heard earlier that Ms Li Hongyan was paid S$800 by a businessman to accompany him at a nightclub and to have sex with him.

At the hearing held Tuesday morning, police also ruled out foul play.

Ms Li could have drowned accidentally when she took a swim in the pool. There was no evidence to suggest she took her own life or to suggest foul play.

The coroner added she may not have realised that the pool was 1.5 metre deep when she was only 1.54m tall.

She probably entered into difficulties during the swim or could have accidentally fallen as pool lights were not switched on and the area was dark.

The 24-year-old's naked body was found floating in a swimming pool in a bungalow at Sentosa Cove on March 24.

Ms Li had followed businessman Mr Adrian Chua, 39, to his bungalow after the pair met at a nightclub in Havelock Road on March 23.

Mr Chua is the chief executive of real estate investment company, RoundHill Capital.

The pair downed a few alcoholic drinks that night.

When they got to his home, Ms Li drank a can of beer before the couple had sex.

Mr Chua testified on Tuesday morning that he did not use any physical force on Ms Li during sexual intercourse.

He had then fallen asleep at around 3am to 4am and was only awoken by two Sentosa rangers who informed him of the discovery of Ms Li's body.

Closed-circuit television camera recordings captured Ms Li, fully clothed, walking alone towards the bungalow's sliding doors leading to the swimming pool at about 3.50am.

Mr Chua's maid, Aye Aye Tun, testified that she locked the sliding doors before she went to sleep the previous night. Ms Aye also found some women's clothes on a chair near the swimming pool before making the grisly find.

No visible injuries were found on Ms Li's body.

The inquiry heard that those who knew the dead woman had also said she did not seem unhappy that night.

Ms Li's father, who is in Singapore for the hearing, was clearly distraught over the loss of his daughter.

“I've cried till my tears dried up. Do you think I am still sad?” said Mr Li Kui You, crying as he spoke.

Ms Li's cousin, who was also at the court hearing, told reporters the family is puzzled that Ms Li, who is a non-swimmer, would go into the pool.


Channel News Asia


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