Barbie Hsu Husband Wins Approval From In-Laws

30 Dec

TAIPEI: It seems like Taiwan actress Barbie Hsu's husband Wang Xiao Fei has successfully won over his in-laws.

Wang, 29, met his in-laws for the first time when the couple, who registered their marriage last month, returned to Taipei on December 26, and he certainly spared no expense in making a good impression.

Wang, the son of a wealthy businesswoman, specially handpicked a gold watch as a meeting gift to his father-in-law.

The elder Hsu later told reporters that he was very satisfied with Wang and even awarded him “a hundred marks”.

Hsu's grandmother and mother too could not hold back their delight when they spoke to reporters.

“Xi Yuan (Barbie) does not need to worry anymore as she has finally found someone suitable,” said Hsu's grandmother.

Hsu's mother said she is “happy and contented” and looks forward to them starting a family.

Hsu's sister, popular talkshow host Dee Hsu, revealed that the family reunion went very smoothly.

“This is the first time Xiao Fei has seen our grandmother and father. The atmosphere was great and our cousin even tried to get Xiao Fei drunk.

“Grandma is also delighted that all three Hsu daughters have finally gotten married.”

Throughout the meeting, both Hsu and Wang kept a low profile, especially the latter who appeared unaccustomed to the paparazzi and often shied away from cameras.

When reporters tried to get the couple to pose for a photo, Hsu politely turned down their request, claiming her husband was shy.

Hsu's engagement to Wang within 20 days of meeting him, and their subsequent lightning fast marriage registration, had raised quite a few eyebrows.

It has also sparked speculation that the couple are rushing into marriage because the 34-year-old actress is already pregnant.

– CNA/fa

Channel News Asia


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