ICA To Implement Double-Barrelled Race Options

30 Dec

SINGAPORE: From Saturday, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) will implement the registration of double-barrelled race options for Singaporean children born to parents of different races.

The change was first announced in Parliament in January.

It gives parents who are of different races further flexibility and choice to decide how their child's race should be recorded.

This is on top of the existing options of choosing only one of the two different races – either that of the father or the mother – for their child. For example, if one parent is “Chinese” and the other is “Indian”, the child's race may be recorded as “Chinese”, “Indian”, “Chinese-Indian”, or “Indian-Chinese”.

The registration of the double-barrelled race will be limited to only two components.

ICA said that for relevant Government policies, such as the initial assignment to a mother-tongue language class in schools and the HDB's Ethnic Integration Policy, the first component of a double-barrelled race will be used.

It said there will not be any advantage in terms of policy considerations for those who register either a double-barrelled or a singular race.

For the presentation of statistics, the current way of presenting the published race statistics will be maintained. It will be based on the first component of the double-barrelled race.

Details on the policy and registration procedures can be found on ICA's website at

Channel News Asia


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