Aaron Kwok Spotted Behaving Intimately With Married Lady

31 Dec

BEIJING – Hong Kong actor Aaron Kwok was spotted behaving intimately with female public relations officer Iris Li at a restaurant ealier this month, reported to Chinese media.

The star, who was filming “The Monkey King” in Beijing, was having dinner at a hotpot restaurant in a hotel with his assistant and was later joined by two women, one of whom was 30-year-old Li.

During the dinner, she was photographed laying on Kwok's shoulder and leaning on him.

According to reports, Li, who was a public relations officer for Filmko Entertainment which produces “The Monkey King”, had just gotten married for less than a year.

Reports also said that Li “had been nursing a crush on Kwok” for a few years and had been very “forthcoming” with her feelings for Kwok.

In response to the rumours, a furious Kwok wrote on his micro-blog: “I am used to these lies written about me in magazines. I can only describe these articles as 'basless news that hurt and damage' others.”

His assistant also slammed reports, saying the dinner was nothing more “than an innocent get together after work”.

The 45-year-old actor had been rumoured to be dating supermodel Lynn Hung for the past four years, though he never admitted it.

– CNA/rl

Channel News Asia


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