Adulterated Whisky: 5 Charged

31 Dec

SINGAPORE: Five men, aged between 32 and 36 years, have been charged with adulterating 'Johnnie Walker' whisky.

Ong Bee Hock, 36, Shawn Wan Kee Wee, 35, Ho Thiam Hwa, 34, Michael Ong Bee Zhuan, 33, and Ong Bee Hong, 32, are accused of altering the liquor content of 177 bottles of 'Johnnie Walker' whisky on 28 December.

The men, charged in a district court on Thursday, were among 10 arrested by the police for their roles in the reproduction and distribution of adulterated liquor.

They were arrested after a 19-hour island-wide operation on Tuesday.

More than 3,000 bottles of adulterated liquor infringing the trademarks of renowned liquor brands, related counterfeiting accessories, reproduction equipment and a van were seized.

The estimated street value of the items seized is believed to be more than S$94,000.

Ho, who faces another charge of having 79 'Erimin 5' drug tablets, was offered $50,000 bail.

The others have been remanded for further investigations.

Their cases will be mentioned again next Thursday.

Under the Trade Marks Act, a person who counterfeits a registered trade mark can be jailed up to five years and fined S$100,000 upon conviction.

– CNA/ir

Channel News Asia


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