Taiwan Singer Yoga Lin Loses It On The Street

31 Dec

HONG KONG : Taiwan singer Yoga Lin got into an altercation with some paparazzi after they continued to photograph him on a date with rumoured girlfriend Hong Kong singer Gloria Tang (G.E.M) on Sunday, despite his repeated warnings not to.

According to Hong Kong media, Lin, 23, was photographed sharing a meal at a restaurant and going to the movies with Tang, 19, with the latter hugging him and kissing him through the face masks they were both wearing when the took a stroll through the park.

However, things got ugly when the paparazzi went up to them to take close-ups of the pair. Lin became very upset and shouted at the paparazzi.

“This is a private matter. I am a Taiwanese. I am here to make music, I don't want to be on your magazine,” yelled Lin, before grabbing one of the paparazzi and attempting to take his camera.

Tang pleaded with him to let go of the photographer and leave, but Lin refused.

The tussle was only resolved when staff from his record label HiM International Music and the police arrived on the scene.

Channel News Asia


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