Joey Yung Menaced By Mysterious Hotel Room Intruder

1 Jan

BEIJING: Hong Kong singer-actress Joey Yung, who was staying at a hotel in Fuzhou, China, where she had recently been performing, had locked the hotel room door and even wedged a chair against it to keep intruders out.

But it did her no good.

Sensing another presence in her room, she woke up one night only to see a man clad in black by her bed.

“I thought I saw a ghost! I slapped myself [to make sure] because how could anyone get in when I had already locked the door?” wrote Yung on her micro-blog on Wednesday.

“If it was a ghost, I hoped it would disappear. In the end, I confirmed it was a person. I'd rather he had been a ghost. What did he want? I screamed as I ran away! When I turned on the lights, I saw the man had the room's key card.”

Despite her repeated calls for him to identify himself, the mysterious man seemed more concerned about putting down his takeaway food.

After ten minutes in the same room as the intruder, Yung who was shaking with fear, shouted at him to leave. Her colleagues arrived soon after.

The hotel later explained they had accidentally given someone else the same room. But the 30-year-old singer-actress still had her doubts.

“Why did he force his way in when I had locked the door and put a lot of luggage to block it?

“Why did he not turn on the lights and walk to my bed? Was it really a coincidence?” recounted Yung.

Yung's record label Emperor Entertainment Group, on the other hand, has accepted the hotel's explanation that it was all just a simple misunderstanding, and that it will not be pursuing any legal action regarding this matter.

– CNA/ha

Channel News Asia


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