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Ajay Didakwa Menipu

3 Mar


SATU laporan polis telah dibuat terhadap Ajay Devgan.

Menurut laporan, suami aktres Kajol itu didakwa telah menipu sebuah syarikat penerbitan filem di daerah Jharkhand.

Laporan yang dibuat di Balai Polis Argora oleh Rajesh Kumar Prasad, pemilik Kumar Art International (KAI) itu mendakwa Ajay telah melakukan pembohongan, kerana tidak muncul untuk menjalani penggambaran sebuah filem terbitan KAI sedangkan wang pendahuluan telahpun dibayar kepadanya.

Menurut Rajesh yang juga memiliki cawangan KAI di Mumbai, Ajay telah menandatangani kontrak berlakon filem yang belum berjudul itu pada Januari, 2005.

“Menurut kontrak, dia bakal dibayar sebanyak 1.2 juta rupee (RM90,000) dan wang pendahuluan sebanyak RM14,557 sudahpun dibayar kepadanya,” ujar Rajesh.

Namun, Ajay yang sepatutnya melakonkan watak utama dalam filem tersebut bagaimanapun hanya datang ke set penggambaran selama beberapa jam, namun selepas itu, dan sehingga ke hari ini dia langsung tidak mempedulikan mengenai perkembangan filem tersebut.

Pihak KAI juga dikatakan telah menghubungi pihak pengurusan Ajay tetapi tidak dilayan dan selepas menunggu selama 14 tahun, dia akhirnya laporan polis dibuat terhadap Ajay.


Bollywood's Boys Bulk Up

17 Dec

MUMBAI – Bollywood’s leading actors are hitting the gym as never before, adding brawn and biceps to their on-screen repertoires and winning a legion of new fans in the process — including other men.

The latest weight-training convert is Aamir Khan, who enlisted the help of physical trainer Satyajit Chourasia two years ago to get in shape for the film “Ghajini”, which is released on December 25.

His daily four-hour regime appears to have paid off.

Giant advertising hoardings show a shaven-headed Khan, who plays a man with memory loss who tattoos himself and takes Polaroid pictures to remember people and places, stripped to the waist, exposing a finely-ripped torso.

The 43-year-old said the film’s director A. Murgadoss told him to bulk up because it was essential for the character.

“I too felt that I will not be able to do justice to my role if I am not in this shape,” he said this week.

Asked whether his new look could help boost box office takings, he said it was creating “a lot of buzz among viewers, which is good for the film.”

Historically, the muscle-bound macho hero has never been in vogue in Bollywood.

Instead, leading men were as likely to be measured by the manly thickness of their chest hair or how they carried a tune or moved in the set-piece song and dance routines.

Eyeing the success of Hollywood’s Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1980s, Bollywood’s Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt began working out, winning accolades and a dedicated fanbase.

But it was not until megastar Shah Rukh Khan got a “six pack” for his 2007 blockbuster “Om Shanti Om” that muscle tone became a must for aspiring Bollywood actors.

Actor John Abraham enlisted the help of Hollywood personal trainer Mike Ryan to prepare for appearing on camera in only a pair of swimming trunks on Miami beach in the film “Dostana”, which was released in October.

“I went on high protein and vigorous training to get that kind of look,” he said.

“It was essential to work out more because I had little time on my hands and had to get that kind of muscular look to complete the film on time.”

His new look has won him a legion of new fans, including in the gay community, he added.

“Earlier some women used to make a pass on me but now even men make passes at me,” said Abraham, who has been nicknamed “The Hunk.”

Satyajit Chourasia is full of praise for actors he has worked with, from Aamir Khan to Saif Ali Khan and Zayed Khan, as well as Hrithik Roshan and Ajay Devgan.

“All the actors are very dedicated. They don’t skip their exercises and maintain themselves which you can see with their looks on the big screen,” he said.

Demand is now so high that Chourasia said he has had to open a second gym in Mumbai, two in his home town of Nagpur, some 900 kilometres (560 miles) east of Mumbai, and two in the Indian capital New Delhi.

But having a perfect physique can have its disadvantages.

British director Danny Boyle has said that casting a Bollywood beefcake as the lead in his hit film “Slumdog Millionaire” would not have worked, even though Indian actors had the talent.

Instead he cast a skinny British Asian actor, Dev Patel. The film is now a hot favourite at next year’s Oscars.

“You know when guys can’t put their arms down cause they have all this muscle mass? They’re 18; they’re only just beyond kids — and their heads are really small,” Boyle told The Huffington Post on November 25.

“They haven’t put any weight on their heads. So you’ve got these tiny little heads and big bodies; that was just wrong for the film.” – CNA/vm

Channel News Asia

'Konsert Jom Heboh' Goes To Miri

23 Oct

Elyana appears in Konsert Fenomena: Elyana & The Fabulous Cats (RTM2, tomorrow, 3pm).

THIS weekend, “travel” to Miri in Sarawak for Konsert Jom Heboh 2008.

The two-hour concert will air “live” on Sunday (TV3, 9pm) and Spider, Hattan, Misha Omar, Bob, Nurul, Aizat, Sofaz, Suki and One Nation Emcees are among the artistes who will be performing.

Catch One Nation Emcees in Konsert Jom Heboh 2008 (TV3, Sunday, 9pm).

Penelope Cruz stars in Vanilla Sky (RTM2, tomorrow, 9pm).
Catch entertainment programme Konsert Fenomena: Elyana & The Fabulous Cats tomorrow (RTM2, 3pm). Elyana joins forces with hip-hop/pop outfit The Fabulous Cats. Watch out for other guest artistes such as Tam Spider and Ash Nair.

New series Big Shot debuts tomorrow (ntv7, 10pm). Starring Michael Varta, Dylan McDermott, Christopher Titus and Joshua Malina, the series is about four competitive friends who are at the top of their game. They seek comfort in their friendships – discussing business, confiding secrets, seeking advice and supporting each another through life’s twists and turns.


Bollygood on 2 (RTM2, 12.30pm) – Masti
Three married men, tired of their wives’ jealous ways, yearn for their carefree bachelor days. They set their sights on other women, but eventually realise they have all been seeing the same girl.

She then blackmails them but is found dead in a car the next day.

A hilarious cat-and-mouse game between the three men and a suspicious police officer follows.

Starring Ajay Devgan, Vivek Oberoi, Aftab Shivdasani, Ritesh Deshmukh and Amrita Rao.

Saturday Nite Special On 2 (RTM2, 9pm) – Vanilla Sky

After surviving a car crash, caused in part by his jilted lover, David’s face is badly injured. He struggles to find out the truth when his dreams turn into reality, and reality is a nightmare.

Everything seems muddled, until a doctor manages to repair his face, and life is back to the way it should be, together with a “mystery girl” he has been eyeing. Or is it?

Starring Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz.

Anugerah Skrin 2008 (TV3, 10pm) – Relung Kasih

After the death of her parents, Maria has to take care of her four siblings doing menial work to make ends meet. Her siblings grow up and lead comfortable lives of their own, but they begin to drift from her.

Starring Jasmin Hamid, Azhar Sulaiman, Siti Fazurina, Jehan Miskin and Anita Baharom.

Hong Movie Saturday (ntv7, midnight) – Dream Lover

Cheung is a penniless yet talented car mechanic. One day he meets Kei and falls in love with her, but she disappears without a trace. Years later, Cheung becomes extremely wealthy and eventually finds Kei, but it seems that things cannot be the same again.

Starring Tony Leung and Wu Chien Lien.

Chinese Movie (8TV, 8.30pm) – Sky of Love

Wen Tao and Jia Hui start communicating through a radiophone. From their conversations, they discover that they are both studying in the same institution of learning. But further into the relationship, they discover that they are very different from each other.

Starring Ken Chu and Gigi Leung.


TV3 Cinema (TV3, 12.30am) – Goal!

How far would you go to live your dreams? When Santiago Munez is given the chance of a lifetime, he must leave his family, his life in Los Angeles and everything he knows to become a sought-after football player.

Starring Kuno Becker, Stephen Dillane, Anna Friel, Marcel Lures and Alessandro Nivola.

Sunday Day Time Special (RTM2, 3pm) – Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Two years after Cloud & Co save the world from Sephiroth, the citizens of the planet begin suffering from a strange sickness called Seikon-Shoukougun. Meanwhile, Cloud has secluded himself, and is being haunted by demons from his past.

This stunning animation features the voice talents of Takahiro Sakurai, Ayumi Ito, Tsuduruhara Miyuu, Maaya Sakamoto and Keiji Fujiwara.

Pesona 3 (TV3, 3pm) – Ragam Pemandu

Hamid is dedicated chauffeur to Rahim, who is always helpful to Hamid’s family, despite the gaping difference in their social status. Rahim also pays for Hamid’s children’s education.

Starring Hamid Gurka, Aznah Hamid and Latiff Ibrahim.

New Straits Times

Weekend Watch: Go To The Movies – At Home!

18 Sep

Amanda Peet stars in A Lot Like Love (TV3, tomorrow, 1.05am)

MOVIE-wise, there is something for everyone this weekend. One of them is Hart’s War over RTM2 in the “Saturday Nite Special” slot tomorrow at 9pm.

Colin Farrell stars in Hart’s War (RTM2, tomorrow, 9pm)

Maggie Cheung stars in Double Fattiness (RTM2, Sunday, 10pm)
Set during World War Two, it is an inspiring movie about friendship, trust and heroism. It stars Colin Farrell and Bruce Willis.

Those who enjoy romantic comedies can tune in to A Lot Like Love, aired in TV3’s “Cinema” slot tomorrow (1.05am). It stars Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet.

This weekend is the time to catch some Chinese comedies as well. Rice Rhapsody (ntv7, tomorrow, 11.50pm) is a whimsical take on family relations and how it affects a chicken rice business.

Double Fattiness (RTM2, Sunday, 10pm) centres on greedy prospectors waiting to get their hands on a family’s pizzeria which sits on prime land.
For those with a taste for the mysterious and the thrilling, Crimson River (RTM2, Sunday, 12.30am) is for you.

The film is about a couple of French policemen whose respective murder investigations lead to the discovery of common traits in their cases.

Over 8TV, singer Daniel Powter is featured in the Daniel Powter TV Special (tomorrow, 10.30am).

You can also catch The Making Of… Mamma Mia! (Sunday, 10.30am), a behind-the-scenes look at the movie starring Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan.


Bollygood Time On 2 (RTM2, 12.30pm) – Sunday

Sehar, a voice talent for animations, has a habit of forgetting things. One night, while Sehar and her friend Ritu go to a disco, two guys try to get fresh with them. Sehar decides to teach them a lesson. The next day, odd things begin to happen to Sehar when she wakes up. Starring Ajay Devgan, Ayesha Takia, Arshad Warsi and Irfan Khan.

Saturday Nite Special (RTM2, 9pm) – Hart’s War

In the last months of Word War Two, an American administrative lieutenant named Hart is captured by German forces and sent to a German prison camp.

There, two African-American pilots become the first non-white soldiers in the camp. However, one is murdered and the other accused of killing a white sergeant. Hart must defend the black pilot against charges before an obviously racist American tribunal, unaware that the trial itself is only a front for the real secret of the prison camp. Starring Bruce Willis, Colin Farrell, Terrence Howard and Cole Hauser.

Panggung Sabtu (TV3, 2pm) – Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega

Raj is a lonely orphan boy who goes to Mumbai to fulfil his dreams of becoming a top singer.

After a lot of struggles and failing to realise his dream, he becomes smitten with Pooja, whom he has saved from an accident.

Pooja is in coma after the accident and her hilariously humble, rich and loving family mistakes Raj for her husband!

Starring Salman Khan, Rani Mukherjee and Preity Zinta.

TV3 Cinema (TV3, 1.05am) – A Lot Like Love

While flying from Los Angeles to New York, the “good boy” Oliver Martin meets the “bad girl” Emily Friehl.

They spend a day in New York and before they part, he gives the phone number of his mother to Emily and asks her to call seven years later to check on him!

Starring Amanda Peet, Ashton Kutcher, Taryn Manning, Aimee Garcia and Lee Garlington.

Hong Movie Saturday (ntv7, 11.50pm) – Rice Rhapsody

Jen, who owns a Hainan chicken rice restaurant, feels she’s losing control of her life. She has three sons and two of them, Daniel and Harry, are gay. Fearing she will never have grandchildren, she takes in Sabine, a French exchange student, at the urging of her best friend as she hopes to keep her third son, Leo, straight. Starring Sylvia Chang and Martin Yan.

Chinese Movie (8TV, 8.30pm) – Love Is Love

Shek Kam Shui, who has been raised in the village, is good friends with Ng Dai Tai.

However, Ng’s father disapproves of their relationship, so they elope and move to the city to lead a new life of their own.

Starring Stephen Chow, Sandra Ng and Suki Kwan.


Sunday Day Time Special (RTM2, 3pm) – Tornado

Berlin is struck by an unusual series of storms and hail stones.

In the middle of this unusual phenomenon is a meteorologist named John who has recently returned from studying tornadoes in Oklahoma.

He returns home to find his ex-girlfriend Eva is now a doctor.

Meanwhile John has a knack for weather predictions and he learns that a tornado is about to hit Berlin. Starring Matthias Koeberlin and Mina Tander.

Golden Premier (RTM2, 10pm) – Double Fattiness

When a family-owned pizzeria is targeted by property developers, an unscrupulous property agent is given the not-so-simple task of evicting the tenants.

The family does their best to hold out until their mum dies of a heart attack.

Starring Lydia Shum, Bill Tung Piu, Eric Tsang and Maggie Cheung.

Midnite on 2 ( RTM2, 12.30am) – Crimson River

Two French policemen – one investigating a grisly murder at a remote mountain college, the other working on the desecration of a young girl’s grave by skinheads – are brought together by the clues from their respective cases.

Soon after they start working together, more murders are committed, and the pair begin to discover just what dark secrets are behind the killings.

Starring Jean Reno, Vincent Cassel, Nadia Fares

New Straits Times


12 Jul

 Cast Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgan, Manisha Koirala

Director: Afzal Khan

This is the way we used to make a million movies: a song stuffed into a loud plot every five minutes, a heroine who’s willing to be humiliated if it means marriage to the man who loses no opportunity to insult her, and two heroes: the bad-good guy, and the good-good guy.

In Afzal Khan’s ‘Mehbooba’, released nearly seven years after it began, straight-laced Manisha rolls over for billionaire playboy Sanjay, once he holds out that ultimate weapon-his ‘maa ke kangan’ (no true-blue Bollywood heroine used to be able to resist these, remember?) She dons a red chiffon sari, and gets all drenched-in-the-rain on a New York apartment terrace; Sanjay reveals all too, in a black singlet, and sheets are left rumpled.

Of course, all that was a hoax, meant only to add a new scalp on the rich guy’s well – studded belt. Manisha retires to lick her wounds in Budapest, where she bumps into Ajay. And, what do you know, Manisha’s the very girl who’s been haunting his dreams for a long time. Surprise. So he woos her, helps her forget the scars of her past, and fetches her to his Rajasthan haveli, where ‘ma-saa’ and her brood is waiting. As well as, surprise, surprise, bade bhaiya, Sanjay.

If you want to know who gets her, you’ll have to wait till the very end of this endless pile of clich
s. Continuing in the tradition of the bad old days, one of the guys has got to die. Seeing Ajay and Manisha in Budapest puts you in the mind of ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’, in which they discovered they were each other’s true love: clearly, Afzal Khan was deeply influenced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film before he began his.

Who let this dog out?

The Indian Express

Innocents' Day Out

9 May

Innocents’ day out

Ajay Devgan shares his experience about working with a child and acting like one in “Main Aisa Hi Hoon” with RANA SIDDIQUI

History proves that if you play up a child in a film with the sensitivity that the character deserves, it goes down well with the audience irrespective of the age group. And it is so because whatever the age of the audience, they identify with such films. We have Sadma, Eeshwar and Koi… Mil Gaya as examples in which Sridevi, Anil Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan, respectively, brought out the child in them to perfection. Going by such precedents, Harry Baweja’s latest dish-out, Main Aisa Hi Hoon, is likely to strike a chord with many.

Ajay Devgan portrays a man with the mental age of a seven-year-old. He is also a father to a seven-year-old daughter played by child artist Rucha.

For Ajay, acting with children is difficult, not only because of the their “mood swings” but also because it is “challenging.” Remember he has worked with children in Tera Mera Sath Rahe and his own production Raju Chacha, and thus knows they are quite capable of stealing a scene from their adult counterparts.

Admits Ajay, “It is not actually easy to work with children. After all they are kids and have lots of mood swings. They would not be ready to do a shot and have to be pampered a lot. But at the same time they are very honest. They don’t plan, plot or manipulate. Whatever they feel, they do. And it is here they steal the show. I was lucky to have a child like Rucha in the film who was very natural in her approach. While she was behaving naturally, I had to act her age.”

The child’s show

And he feebly confesses that in the climactic scene where he gets separated from his daughter, Rucha’s acting indeed “moved him”.

“It is the scene where the daughter runs away from the hostel at night to meet her father,” says Pammi Baweja, producer of the film. “She cries intensely on meeting him. Rucha was the more mature of the two in it.” And for Ajay, this scene is important also because he himself is a father of a four-year-old girl. “Yes. It makes a lot of difference. You can feel the pain,” he adds.

To act like a child, he met many mentally challenged children, observed them from close quarters and tried to absorb that in his acting. He also had to be cautious not to go overboard.

“I had to be conscious all the time, because to every action, the reaction I had to give was abnormal. I never did that kind of a role earlier. So it was complete unlearning of acting in one way,” he says.

Though Ajay denies he had any hangover of the shots, it did creep in at times.

“One day on the sets, Ajay was going to the bathroom walking like a seven-year-old. Suddenly he realised it was not a shot,” recalls Pammi.

Following Main… Ajay has three films in his kitty. Prakash Jha’s Apharan, Raj Kumar Santoshi’s Samna and one as yetuntitled film by John Mathew.

Good going!

Hindu On Net

Aishwarya Rai – Tanpa Solekan Dalam Raincoat

25 Jan

AISHWARYA Rai adalah antara pelakon wanita paling cantik dan popular dalam industri perfileman Bollywood. Dengan solekan yang cukup teliti dan aksesori penghias diri, kecantikan Aishwarya sentiasa terserlah setiap kali dia muncul dalam filem-filem yang dibintanginya.

Tetapi berlainan dengan kemunculannya dalam cakera padat video (VCD) Raincoat, Aishwarya tidak menggunakan walau sedikit pun alat solek atau aksesori yang sarat.

Malah watak yang dilakonkannya pun berbeza daripada filem-filemnya sebelum ini. Kalau dalam filem-filemnya, Aishwarya sering ditampilkan sebagai seorang gadis, tetapi dalam Raincoat, dia muncul sebagai Niru, seorang surirumah yang menjalani kehidupan seharian secara sederhana.

Penampilannya juga berbeza dalam Raincoat. Bukan seorang wanita yang langsing. Tetapi menerusi Raincoat, Aishwarya muncul sebagai wanita yang badannya agak berisi. Dia terpaksa menambah berat badannya untuk menjayakan Raincoat.

Untuk itu, Aishwarya dikatakan terpaksa mengambil makanan yang berlemak dan tidak seperti kelazimannya yang penuh dengan diet.

Pun begitu, Aishwarya tidak kekok melakonkan watak Niru yang begitu janggal dengan penampilan dirinya sebelum ini. Ini kerana, pengarah Raincoat, Rituparno Ghosh banyak membantunya. Selain itu, Aishwarya sendiri banyak melakukan usaha peribadinya untuk menghayati watak Niru.

Sebulan sebelum memulakan penggambaran, dengan bantuan kawan-kawannya, dia telah bercampur dengan masyarakat golongan sederhana yang terdiri daripada penduduk luar bandar.

Usahanya itu berbaloi apabila lakonannya mendapat pujian daripada Rituparno Ghosh dan juga majalah Variety.

Menerusi Raincoat, Aishwarya berlakon bersama Ajay Devgan yang juga bertindak sebagai pelakon utama.

Para peminat berpeluang melihat penampilan Aishwarya itu melalui VCD Raincoat yang kini berada di pasaran dengan harga RM19.90.

Utusan Malaysia

Anugerah IIFA 2004 – Hrithik Roshan Tewaskan Shah Rukh Khan

24 May

Oleh SAHARUDIN MUSTHAFA (Yang membuat liputan Anugerah IIFA 2004 di Singapura)

FILEM Kal Ho Naa Ho berjaya merangkul lapan daripada 13 anugerah utama termasuk anugerah Filem Terbaik di Akademi Industri Filem India 2004 (IIFA 2004) yang berlangsung di Singapura, malam Sabtu lalu.

Kemenangan filem arahan Nikhil Advani itu sememangnya sudah diduga dari awal lagi biarpun filem itu mendapat persaingan yang sengit daripada filem Koi Mil Gaya.

Antara anugerah lain yang dibawa pulang oleh karyawan filem berkenaan ialah Pelakon Wanita Terbaik yang dimenangi oleh Preity Zinta, Pelakon Pembantu Lelaki Terbaik (Saif Ali Khan) dan Pelakon Pembantu Wanita Terbaik (Jaya Bachchan).

Karyawan filem berkenaan turut memenangi anugerah Cerita Terbaik, Arahan Muzik Terbaik, Lirik Terbaik dan Penyanyi Latar Lelaki Terbaik.

Selain lapan anugerah utama itu, filem Kal Ho Naa Ho juga membolot enam anugerah teknikal lain.

Sementara itu, kemenangan pasangan bapa dan anak, Rakesh Roshan dan Hrithik Roshan turut menjadi tumpuan seluruh karyawan filem India yang berkampung di negara itu.

Kejayaan paling manis dua beranak itu masing-masing menerusi trofi Pengarah Terbaik dan Pelakon Lelaki Terbaik menerusi filem Ki Mil Gaya sekali gus mengenepikan pengarah Nikhil Advani dan aktor Shah Rukh Khan yang bertanding menerusi filem Kal Ho Naa Ho.

Pelakon karisma, Hrithik Roshan kini dilihat sebagai bintang yang cukup menyerlah di India dan memberi saingan yang sengit pada aktor ternama India, Shah Rukh Khan.

Anugerah IIFA 2004 turut memberi pengiktirafan kepada dua personaliti tersohor industri filem India iaitu aktor veteran Dilip Kumar dan penerbit filem terkenal, Yash Johar kerana sumbangan besar mereka pada industri filem Bollywood.

Dilip dianugerahkan Pencapaian Cemerlang Perfileman India yang disampaikan oleh Presiden Singapura, S.R. Nathan.

Yash pula menerima anugerah Sumbangan Cemerlang Perfileman India yang disampaikan oleh aktor Amitabah Bachchan.

Acara yang berlangsung selama tiga hari bermula Khamis lalu menyaksikan kehadiran ramai bintang ternama Bollywood yang diketuai oleh Amitbah yang juga Ketua Penaung dan Duta Anugerah IIFA.

Tidak ketinggalan pelakon-pelakon seperti Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Rani Mukerjee, Vivek Oberoi, Kareena Kapoor, Abishek Bachchan, Sunjay Dutt, Preity Zinta, Kajol, Ajay Devgan dan ramai lagi.

Senarai penuh pemenang anugerah IFFA 2004

Filem Terbaik : Kal Ho Naa Ho

Pengarah Terbaik: Rakesh Roshan (Koi Mil Gaya)

Cerita Terbaik: Karan Johar

(Kal Ho Naa Ho)

Aktor Terbaik : Hrithik Roshan

Aktres Terbaik: Preity Zinta

Aktor Pembantu Terbaik :

Saif Ali Khan

Aktres Pembantu Terbaik :

Jaya Bachchan

Pelakon Komedi Terbaik:

Boman Irani

Pelakon Watak Negatif Terbaik : Feroz Khan

Arahan Muzik Terbaik :


Penyanyi Latar Lelaki Terbaik :

Sonu Nigam

Penyanyi Latar Wanita Terbaik : Shreya Ghoshal

Lirik Terbaik: Javed Akhtar

(Kal Ho Naa Ho)

Anugerah Khas :

Anugerah Pencapaian Cemerlang Dalam Industri Perfileman India :

Dilip Kumar

Anugerah Sumbangan Cemerlang Perfileman India : Yash Johar

Utusan Malaysia

Indian Film City Fuels Writers' Dream

29 Nov

THE figurine alley in Ramoji Film City that is used as a dance or song scene backdrop for Bollywood movies, Nov 28. – Bernamapix.

HYDERABAD Nov 28 – Have you ever wondered where in the world can a writer walk in with a script and walk out with a movie? It’s definitely Ramoji Film City (RFC) in Hyderabad, India, probably the only dream factory in Asia that has churned out movies not only for Bollywood but Hollywood as well.

Situated 25 km from Hyderabad, the modern Indian metropolis and IT hub that is second to Bangalore, the film city sprawls over 880 hectares of terrains and lakes in a concept that was Malaysia’s stillborn e-Village.

The film city was the brainchild of media mogul and film producer Ramoji Rao who became a household name in the 80s with Telegu hit movies like Pratighatana, Mayuri and Sitara, said Rajeev Jalnapurkar, general manager of RFC.

Rajeev said the Hollywood action movie “Quick Sand” was filmed here and not in Los Angeles as depicted in the movie. The Arizona landscape and the military installations in the movie were recreated in RFC.

Parts of “Crocodile 2” and “Panic” were made here as well, not to mention other Bollywood and Tollywood blockbusters. Among the Bollywood super hits from here that Malaysians may be familiar with is Bade Mian Chotte Mian with Amitabh Bachchan and Raveena Tandon in the cast; Lajja, another hit with Jackie Sharof, Anil Kapoor, Ajay Devgan and Manisha Koirala and the Telegu blockbuster Nuvve Kaavali.

According to Rajeev, RFC, which began operations four years ago, can be best described as a one-stop centre for film makers and a mythological theme park for the ordinary citizens. “We have a complete array of facilities for producing from budget to mega movies,” said Rajeev when met by Bernama at the film city recently.

The visit was in conjunction with the trade and investment called “Incredible India 2003” which the Indian government will stage in Kuala Lumpur from Dec 2 to 6.

Shootings are conducted here on an average of five productions daily during the filming season of 150 to 200 days per year. Here, RFC not only provides the locales for films but also every aspect from pre- to post-production work. A tour in the provided vintage bus brings visitors to various locales used as the backdrop in the movie scenes.

Here visitors can appreciate the magnificent splendor of the red Rajastani architecture, the white marble Mohgul courts, rolling meadows, the sun fountain, Hawaiian gardens, Greek figurines, complete airport and hospital buildings, a fully mock-up interior of a passenger aircraft and the list goes on.

Visitors would be surprised that there is even a wild West setting with cactus plants and horses for Western movies. On the whole, the panorama is enchanting and the allure never ending. Yet, that’s not all.

Rajeev said RFC also furnishes sets that are tailored according to request by producers and directors and also recruits the extras. RFC also boasts 50 studio floors apart from the processing and editing labs.

The processing and editing labs are divided into three; Symphony that deals with post-production audio; Mantra that provides digital film facility and special effects; and finally the film lab, Rainbow.

Directors like David Dhawan (film credits Biwi No 1, Chor Macaaye Shor and Deewan Mastana), Raj Kumar Santoshi (Andaz Apna-apna and China Gate) and Sam Firstenberg (American Ninja, Quick Sand and Spiders II) are the distinguished names in the industry who had found the facilities here to their liking and have returned or are planning to return for more movies.

Silver screen idols like Manisha Koirala and Soundarya enjoyed their stint here, said Rajeev.

Rajeev stressed that the advantage RFC offers is that producers don’t have to spend on creating the sets as everything is provided, including the cameras, cranes, make-up artists and manpower. This means they can lower their production cost and realise greater returns on their investments. All they need is a good script and lead stars, the rest is all available in the film city.

To date RFC has produced at least seven movies for Hollywood, the rest are mainly in Telegu, Kannada and several in Hindi including blockbusters. Many more did their post-production work in RFC, among them, Lagan the Hindi super hit.

TV serials too are now being produced at RFC. Rajeev is proud of the fact that many who started with their movies here had made their name in the world of cinema.

But RFC is not for the movie icons only; it is also a place where ordinary citizens can get the feel of the fantasy portrayed in the movies. An average of 2,500 people visit RFC daily which is also a theme park providing entertainment based on the diverse cultures of India.

Rajeev stressed that RFC is a theme park and not an amusement park like the one seen in Universal Studios. That’s why there are no Ferris wheels or roller coaster rides. The day the writer was in RFC, there was a Chinese acrobatic troupe displaying their skill, much to the amusement of the visitors.

RFC also has three hotels in its vicinity to cater for visitors as well as conferences, said Rajeev.

It’s the place where writers can walk in with their dreams and walk out with a movie. – Bernama

Utusan Malaysia


9 Jun


RAMGOPAL VARMA is an innovative director and a risk-taker, willing to experiment with unconventional plots. Varma is back with “Bhoot” a ghost thriller that is shot slickly. The lead players sport a new look — Ajay Devgan with a French beard, Urmila in her new hairstyle, Fardeen with a stubble. Rekha, Victor Banerjee and Tanuja make special appearances.

Varma says that the story of “Bhoot” is about the fears of the human mind. Ajay Devgan plays Vishal, a stock analyst who moves into the 12th floor of an apartment complex in Mumbai along with his wife Swathi played by Urmila.

The flat is haunted, as the previous occupant, a young woman had plunged to death from the balcony, but Ajay keeps it a secret from his wife. However, after the couple move in, Urmila starts hearing strange voices and sees weird things happening. Soon they realise the presence of some supernatural power, which is sure to give spine-chilling moments to the audience.

Last week, Amitabh Bachchan saw a preview of the film and at the end of the 105-minute film sans songs, he told Varma, “The film is so eerie that it scared the daylights out of me.” But can Varma’s “Bhoot” bring the audience to the cinemas?


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