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So, What Are Singaporeans Googling For?

12 Dec

SINGAPORE: Singaporeans are preoccupied by the economic downturn, and this is showing up even in searches on Google Singapore.

The search engine’s annual Zeitgeist, which highlights the year’s top search trends, found an almost 120-per-cent jump this year in the number of searches for terms like “cheap”, “sale” and “spree”.

Terms such as “recession” increased by a whopping 270 per cent, and “financial crisis” spiked by 140 per cent when the global markets began to fall.

There were also other interesting results. Hong Kong scandal-embroiled celebrity Edison Chen took the top spot in the fastest rising search this year, while Newton Hawker Centre was dethroned by Maxwell Hawker Centre on the hawker centre search list.

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Penyebar Foto Lucah Edison Chen Dipenjara

25 Jul

Susunan Razif Rosdi

HONG KONG,  25 JULAI 2008:  Lelaki dari Hong Kong menjadi orang pertama yang disabitkan kesalahan mengedarkan gambar lucah di Internet. Difahamkan, Mahkamah Majistret Bandaraya Kowloon memutuskan bahawa lelaki yang dikenali Kwok Chun-Wai, 24, akan dipenjara selama 2 tahun kerana kesalahan yang dilakukan.

Pada Januari dan Februari lalu, Kwok didapati telah muat naik 140 foto lucah yang melibatkan penyanyi dan pelakon kacukan China-Kanada, Edison Chen Koon-Hei bersama beberapa aktres popular di Hong Kong dan Taiwan. Daripada 140 foto itu, terdapat 84 foto yang dikategorikan sebagai tidak senonoh.

Majistret turut menyatakan pesalah harus diberikan hukuman kerana menyebarkan foto itu kepada orang ramai walaupun ia tidak melibatkan keuntungan. Kwok dilaporkan bertugas sebagai kerani pejabat di sebuah syarikat logistik dan memiliki ijazah. Lelaki itu mempertahankan bahawa dia sekadar mahu berkongsi foto tersebut kepada teman rapat saja.

Setakat ini, pihak berkuasa mendapati lebih kurang 13 warga China sudah dikenal pasti terlibat dengan foto tersebut.

Sementara itu, seorang lagi lelaki bernama Wei, 25, turut ditahan pada 12 Februari lalu berikutan mengedarkan 1,174 foto dari satu ruangan chatting si mangsa. Apa yang pasti, foto tersebut melibatkan aksi lucah Edison dengan artis wanita seperti Gillian Chung dan Cecilia Cheung.

Selain Wei, pada 15 Februari, seorang lagi pesalah, Li, 21, ditahan selama 10 hari dan didenda sebanyak US$420 memandangkan beliau mengambil 180 keping gambar dari laman web individu mangsa.

Apapun, Polis di Tai’am, Shandong menjelaskan, Li mengambil kesempatan mengedarkan gambar tersebut semata-mata untuk meraih populariti.

Februari lalu, Edison sendiri sudah menyatakan perasaan kesal dan maaf. Aktor ini mengumumkan tidak lagi mengulangi perbuatan terkutuk ini dan mahu bersara dari industri hiburan Hong Kong. Dia mengakui mengambil kesemua foto yang disebarkan itu. Berikutan dari peristiwa ini juga, Edison pernah menyembunyikan diri di Kanada dan Amerika Syarikat.



ORIENTAL WHIRL: From The Asian Grapevine

20 Apr

Takeshi's face is insured for a whopping RM11.2 million.
Takeshi’s face is insured for a whopping RM11.2 million.

Gossip doing the rounds in the Asian entertainment scene is as addictive as that in Hollywood.

Rain makes waves in Hollywood.
Rain makes waves in Hollywood.

WHAT’S hot and happening on the Asian entertainment scene? Easy, just trawl the World Wide Web or, if you are able to read Mandarin, peruse the colourful pages of our Chinese Press. A greater challenge would be to separate fact from fiction, gossip from malicious talk, even hearsay from neighbours. Here are some of the stories making their way around the Internet and elsewhere:

Hunk Takeshi Kaneshiro was recently paid a hefty sum to continue as a cosmetic brand’s spokesperson. Think eight figures. The advertiser, concerned that Takeshi’s long exposure to spotlights while filming some advertisements could damage his skin, also paid US$3.5 million (RM11.2 million) to insure his whole face.

Takeshi, who is of Japanese-Taiwanese parentage, will soon be seen in Japanese flick Sweet Rain. He had previously involved himself in a string of Chinese movies (including the mega-budget The Warlords and Red Cliff).

He plays a god of death who takes human form and spends time with people who only have a week left to live.

Hugely-popular Korean pop star Rain is basking in the Hollywood limelight. He’s been cast in Speed Racer, a live action film by the Wachowski brothers; of The Matrix trilogy fame. Apparently, they liked him so much in Ninja Assassin, which they also helmed, that they have given him a supporting role in the new flick.

Speed Racer will be released on May 8 and is based on Mach Go Go Go, the 1960s Japanese animation series by Tatsuo Yoshida.

His co-star in this fast-paced film is apparently Matthew Fox.

Rain will also be going all over the world to promote Speed Racer. He will be in Hong Kong on Wednesday, then Los Angeles (May 9), Berlin, London and Tokyo at the end of June.

It’s sad but Anita Mui still cannot rest in peace. The mother of the late Cantopop singer and actress has started a court battle to gain control of her daughter’s fortune, estimated at HK$100 million (RM41 million).

Tam Mei-kam, 84, is challenging the validity of the will – in which she gets HK$70,000 a month – that was executed on Dec 3, 2003, less than a month before Anita succumbed to cervical cancer at the age of 40.

The will left two properties to her close friend, designer Eddie Lau, and set aside US$130,000 for her nephews and nieces’ education. It also left money for a Buddhist association.

The singer’s mum wants the High Court to declare the will void and allow her to be the sole beneficiary of the estate.

Is Anita’s brother behind the old lady’s move? From what I have read, Anita did not want the bulk of her money to fall into his hands, preferring her mum to receive a regular monthly income instead of the millions she left behind.

Her sibling had apparently been a cause of much grief, borrowing from loan sharks and getting her into much trouble when she was alive.

The Beijing Olympics will seem incomplete without some input from our Eastern singing stars. Jacky Cheung, Hong Kong’s “God of Song”, girl band S.H.E. and Wilber Pan have apparently different versions of the Games’ theme song, Hong Bian Quan Qiu. Expect a hip-hop version from Pan!

Taiwan supermodel Lin Chiling is the sexiest. This, according to a recent issue of Taiwan FHM magazine, which kept a close watch on 100 curvy belles in the region. Hong Kong actress Carina Lau, 41, got 81st place.

Korean actor Lee Dong Gun has apparently gotten over the tragic loss of his brother – murdered Down Under last month – and will start filming a new drama serial titled Every Day Every Night. According to the grapevine, Lee will also be releasing a single in Japan titled Tsuki Akari.

If you have seen and enjoyed My Boyfriend is Type-B, which also stars his ex-girlfriend Han Ji Hye, then you would feel for him (more so since they dated for three years and the break-up happened just recently).

And of course, you want to read about the notorious Edison Chen, right? Well, he may have opted out of the Hong Kong entertainment industry after his sex photo misadventures but singer-actress Josie Ho Chao Yi (she’s casino tycoon Stanley Ho’s daughter) has a new MTV – with Edison in it.

Ho’s new music album is titled Elastic Rock and the MTV was apparently recorded last December. It was not released earlier due to the bad publicity generated by the Edison incident.

In the MTV (the song is titled Repay – how ironic), Edison plays a clown puppet and Josie Ho has to kiss him!

Meanwhile, Edison, according to one online story, may even be coming to Singapore to film a movie, with sultry Shu Qi no less.


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Two More Arrested In China Over Celebrity Sex Photos

1 Mar

BEIJING : Two Chinese men have been held in police custody for five days for posting explicit photographs of Hong Kong celebrities on the Internet, state media said Saturday.

The two men from central Hunan province were detained for circulating the photographs of actor and singer Edison Chen apparently having sex with a number of Hong Kong starlets, Xinhua news agency said.

The arrests are the latest in a case that has caused a sensation in Hong Kong, where the pictures were downloaded and distributed after Chen’s laptop was taken to a computer shop for repairs, earlier reports have said.

Xinhua said the two men were arrested after police found more than 10 graphic images in an online post which attracted more than 100,000 hits.

The pair had 400 of the explicit images, out of a reported total of more than 1,300, and had invited friends to their home to see them, it said.

Previously, 11 people had been detained by police in relation to the photos, the report said, adding that producing, copying or circulating pornographic products, even without a profit motive, is illegal in China.

The photos of Chen and at least seven women — including Cantopop singer Gillian Chung, actress Cecilia Cheung and former actress Bobo Chan — began appearing in January.

Last month, Chen publicly admitted he had taken the pictures, apologised and announced his retirement from the local entertainment scene.

Police in both Hong Kong and Taiwan have also detained people on suspicion of possessing and distributing the photographs.

– AFP/ir

Channel News Asia

Padah Kenakalan Edison

28 Feb

TERIMA hukuman. Karier seni Edison Chen tamat sebelum waktunya impak nafsu serakah kejantanan dirinya.

SKANDAL ‘nakal’ yang dilakukannya telah mendominasi muka depan surat khabar, majalah dan tajuk utama berita sepanjang bulan Februari ini tidak kira di Hong Kong mahupun negara luar.

Kontroversi ini telah mengejutkan orang ramai dan menimbulkan polemik mengenai moraliti seksual.

Memang tidak disangkal, insiden foto bogel dan adegan ranjang yang disebarkan di internet bukan satu perkara baru terutamanya jika ia melibatkan artis.

Jika di Hollywood, ramai yang menggunakan peluang ini untuk mempopularkan diri.

Namun, senarionya berbeza apabila skandal sebegini berlaku di Hong Kong. Apatah lagi ia melibatkan selebriti wanita yang selama ini memikul imej ‘suci’.

SKANDAL Cecilia dan Edison mengoncang rumah tangganya.

‘Watak’ utamanya adalah Edison Chen Kwoon Hei, 27, dan apa yang mengejutkan peranan ‘sampingan’ itu bukan dipegang oleh seorang tetapi beberapa aktres termasuk Gillian Chung Yan Tung (salah seorang anggota kumpulan Twins), Bobo Chan Man Woon (perkahwinannya terpaksa dibatalkan akibat insiden ini) dan Cecilia Cheung Pak Zhi (suaminya Nicholas Tse meminta cerai tetapi ditentang oleh ayahnya).

Semuanya bermula dengan pendedahan gambar bogel pertama bersama Gilian dipaparkan di internet pada 27 Januari lalu. Gambar kedua bersama Bobo Chen muncul di internet keesokannya.

Pada 29 Januari, gambar ketiga dipaparkan dengan kualiti lebih jelas yang dikatakan merupakan Cecilia Cheung. Manakala gambar teman wanita terkini Edison, Vincy Yeung, 18 tahun yang sedang mandi juga dipaparkan.

Dia merupakan anak saudara kepada Pengerusi Emperor Entertainment Group, Albert Yeung. Seminggu kemudian, dua lagi gambar dipaparkan dan satu daripadanya adalah Rachel Ngan Wing Sze.

Dua lagi artis yang terlibat adalah Mandy Chen Yu Ju dan Candice Chan Si Wai.

Sembilan orang ditangkap atas kesalahan mengedarkan gambar-gambar tersebut dan skandal ini telah menjadi kes polis menjelang 12 Februari.

Menurut laporan polis, komputer riba Edison telah dihantar untuk dibaiki dan dianggarkan sebanyak 1,300 keping gambar dengan pelbagai selebriti wanita (dilaporkan 14 orang selebriti) telah disalin pekerja kedai itu tanpa pengetahuan Edison.

Kesemua gambar itu dilaporkan diambil di sekitar tahun 2003 hingga 2005.

Walaupun gambar tersebut adalah hak milik peribadi Edison, seorang rakan rapat Edison mendakwa artis itu mempunyai hobi merakamkan gambar semasa melakukan seks dan menunjukkannya kepada rakan-rakan rapatnya.

Ekoran kes ini, lebih 100 polis dihantar untuk menyiasat dan melindungi Edison.

Ini menimbulkan rasa marah masyarakat Hong Kong kerana mereka menganggap ini adalah pembaziran tenaga pekerja.

Namun, pihak polis terpaksa berbuat demikian kerana terdapat khabar angin yang menyatakan kumpulan kongsi gelap telah menawarkan HK$500,000 (RM250,000) kepada mereka yang berjaya memotong tangan Edison. Menurut laporan media, bapa saudara Vincy, Albert mengupah gangster untuk melakukannya kerana maruah keluarga.

Maka, kawalan keselamatan terhadap Edison adalah penting terutamanya semasa dia pulang dari Boston untuk menjalankan sidang media. Selepas pendedahan gambar kelapan, Edison meninggalkan Hong Kong secara senyap ke Boston untuk menemui Vincy.

Dia mendiamkan diri sehinggalah 4 Februari apabila muncul menerusi rakaman klip video selama 90 saat untuk memohon maaf.

Gillian tampil meminta maaf

GAMBAR bogel Gillian yang dirakam Edison merupakan yang paling awal tersebar di internet.

Aktres jelita, Gillian Chung, 27, merupakan mangsa pertama yang muncul di khalayak ramai dan meminta maaf terhadap orang sekelilingnya dan sesiapa sahaja yang kecewa akibat perbuatannya. Namun, dia tidak memberi sebarang kenyataan mengenai gadis di dalam gambar tersebut.

“Masa itu saya masih naif dan ‘bodoh’. Dan kini saya sudah dewasa. Saya berjanji untuk bekerja keras dan bertindak positif selepas ini,” kata Gillian pada 11 Februari lalu.

Sidang media itu mengundang perasaan yang pelbagai daripada media dan orang umum. Ada yang memuji keberaniannya dan ada juga yang menyatakan dia tidak ikhlas.

Apa tidaknya, dia pernah menimbulkan isu pada tahun 2006 apabila gambarnya menukar baju semasa menjalankan konsert di Genting Highlands, Malaysia dirakam secara curi.

Gillian juga dilaporkan pernah cuba untuk membunuh diri. Konsert Twins yang sepatutnya dijadualkan pada 12 hingga 16 April terpaksa ditunda sehingga bulan September nanti gara-gara isu ini.

“Insiden ini telah mencederakan saya dan orang sekeliling saya. Dan saya ingin berterima kasih kepada syarikat, keluarga dan kawan saya atas sokongan mereka.

“Saya menyesal dengan impak insiden ini,” tambah Gillian dalam sidang akhbar yang turut dihadiri oleh satu lagi anggota kumpulan Twins, Charlene Choi.

Giliran Edison memohon maaf

Pada 21 Februari, Edison pulang ke Hong Kong selepas ‘bersembunyi’ selama sebulan di Boston untuk mengadakan sidang media yang dinanti-nantikan. Dan kesemua kenyataannya dilakukan dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

“Saya mengaku bahawa kebanyakan gambar yang disebarkan dirakamkan oleh saya. Namun, gambar-gambar itu adalah sangat peribadi dan tidak bertujuan untuk ditunjukkan kepada sesiapa.

“Gambar itu telah dicuri daripada saya secara haram dan disebarkan tanpa pengetahuan saya,” tegas Edison.

Walaupun tidak mendedahkan identiti wanita di dalam gambar, dia bagaimanapun meminta maaf terhadap mereka.

“Saya ingin meminta maaf kepada semua wanita dan keluarga mereka atas kontroversi yang berlaku. Paling penting saya ingin meminta maaf terhadap orang Hong Kong secara ikhlas.

“Saya tahu ramai orang muda di Hong Kong menjadikan saya idola mereka dan saya menyesal kerana gagal menjadi contoh yang baik kepada mereka,” ujar Edison.

Dia juga memberitahu bahawa dia akan bersara daripada dunia hiburan Hong Kong.

“Semasa menyepikan diri, saya telah membuat keputusan yang penting. Saya telah menjalankan tanggungjawab saya setakat ini dan akan meninggalkan industri hiburan Hong Kong.

“Saya telah membuat keputusan untuk memberi peluang kepada diri saya untuk ‘berubat’ dan mencari jiwa sendiri.

“Saya berharap anda semua akan memberi saya satu peluang dan akan menghabiskan masa selama beberapa bulan ini untuk melakukan kerja-kerja amal serta kebajikan,” ujarnya.

Walaupun sidang media itu dihadiri oleh beratus-ratus wartawan, jurugambar dan jurukamera, Edison bagaimanapun tidak menjawab sebarang soalan yang dikemukakan.

Tawaran ditarik semula

Pada 5 Februari, Edison ditawarkan sebagai salah seorang pelakon dalam filem Stephen Chow, Jump. Bagaimanapun tawaran itu ditarik semula akibat skandal tersebut. Filem ini dilaporkan bakal menemui penonton pada 1 Mei dan kini terpaksa ditunda tayangannya ke 10 Oktober depan.

Lima hari kemudian, syarikat kad kredit, Manhattan Titanium dilaporkan telah menarik semula iklan yang memaparkan wajah Edison.

Merupakan antara artis yang mengaut keuntungan besar, Edison dilaporkan dibayar HK$10 juta (RM4.13 juta) tahun lalu untuk kerja seninya dan juga sebagai jurucakap produk seperti Pepsi, Levi’s, Jacobs & Co, Samsung dan EPS.

Edison menerima lebih HK$2 juta (RM826,000) tahun lalu untuk merakamkan suaranya bagi filem Shrek the Third versi Kantonis.

MASYARAKAT Hong Kong tidak dapat menerima kesalahan moral melampau yang dilakukan oleh Edison.

Aktor ini juga pernah berlakon dalam filem Hollywood, The Grudge 2 dan bakal disaksikan menerusi filem Batman terbaru, The Dark Knight. Dia juga dikatakan akan meminta HK$400,000 (RM165,000) untuk persembahan nyanyiannya selama 20 minit.

Daripada insiden ini, rasanya semua pihak perlu menerima kesannya kerana semua gambar ini diambil secara rela. Dan Edison sendiri juga tidak berniat untuk menyebarkan gambar-gambar ini. Jadi kepada mereka yang mempunyai tabiat yang sama, jangan sesekali membaiki komputer anda secara sembarangan!.


Leap Of Love

27 Feb

Spending Valentine’s Day with Wong Li Lin, Vernetta Lopez and Nadya Hutagalung is the kind of stuff dreams are made of. So, when we got the chance to hobnob with the trio at the swanky Gold Class Lounge at GV VivoCity, we couldn’t pass it up. Yes, you can go green with envy now.

As it soon turned out, it was quite a handful keeping up with their mischievous repartee and tomfoolery – and no, those aren’t colourful euphemisms – that made sifting fact from nonsense quite a task.

And while they might be three of the leading ladies in the upcoming romantic movie The Leap Years, we were in for a shock when we found out that they never really read renowned Singaporean author Catherine Lim’s story, Leap of Love, on which the film is based.

“I didn’t read the whole book but I went through a few pages,” admitted Lopez.

Hutagalung added: “I got to be honest, no I haven’t.”

When asked whether they read any other books by the doyenne of Singaporean literature, Lopez said: “Did she do any ghost stories?”

“Purple Blossom! That’s one of my favourites,” said Wong, before quickly adding, “I don’t think she wrote a book like that. I just made that up! I am not very acquainted with Catherine Lim novels. But I have always known her as a lady with a beautiful choker and who wears cheongsams. And one of the first to highlight Singapore literature,” added Wong.

Well, that’s alright, because most of us haven’t read it either. Suffice to say that Leap of Love is a short story Lim once spun to entertain a group of students she was teaching some time back.

“We can’t read!” explained 36-year-old Wong.

“Yeah, our lines were fed to us with things through our ears,” said Hutagalung.

So much for the reading, what about the acting then?

The film adaptation follows two people over 24 years after they fall in love on a Leap Day and agree to meet every Feb 29. Wong stars as the younger version of the main character Li-Ann, while Lopez and Hutagalung play her friends Jennie and Suneetha, respectively.

“It was a breath of fresh air for me – Li-Ann’s attitude towards life. She’s not held hostage by anything. And she had a nice bunch of friends and I liked that about her,” said Wong.

Said Hutagalung of her character Suneetha: “I found what’s so endearing was her vulnerable side – especially because she comes across as hard and tough – she’s actually quite vulnerable.”

“With my character, Jennie, I liked her sense of humour. She brings a bit of humour to the show. She’s too practical to be any more endearing than that,” said 34-year-old Lopez enigmatically to sniggers from her co-stars.

So, with The Leap Years being a sappy love story and all, we had to ask about their most romantic moment – which, apparently, they get asked so often that everyone’s tired of hearing Hutagalung’s tale. (We think it’s just a slight bout of jealousy).

“I think the most romantic thing that happened to me was when my husband (Desmond Koh) came to surprise me when I was on location in Europe,” said Hutagalung. “It was the effort and the coordination that went into the surprise that was wonderful. He then proposed to me in Paris.”

“What happened to your French boyfriend then?” joked Wong.

Lopez still has stars in her eyes after her boyfriend – whom she will be marrying in a “trashy” wedding in Las Vegas in August – gave her a telescope.

“My sweetheart bought me a telescope because … in my house, I bring out the binoculars and look at the moon. I love the moon,” she said. “When Saturn was on a close orbit … we actually saw the rings of Saturn. I thought that was very cool.”

“I remember a time … ” began Wong.

“She’s trying to make up something,” interrupted Lopez.

“I feel so sad, my husband’s not very romantic! He just does little gestures,” said Wong of hubby Allan Wu.

“Has he done a naughty dance or something? It doesn’t have to be him, it could be somebody else,” prodded Lopez.

“At least say he once picked you up from the airport,” offered Hutagalung.

“Allan is not someone who is into displays of affection,” explained Wong.

“He’s such a stud. But I remember once, I came home and found a little bag of my favourite cookies.”

And despite having to work with an impressive ensemble cast that included Joan Chen (as the older Li-Ann); Ananda Mathew Everingham (love interest Jeremy); Qi Yu Wu (other suitor K S) and Paula Malai Ali (Li-Ann’s bud, Kim), Hutagalung said the group got along quite well.

“We had a great time on set and really got to know each other,” said Lopez, who added they even took photos of their cleavages. (Thankfully, Edison Chen didn’t get his hands on them.)

But now that The Leap Years is set to make a big splash in cinemas (it opens Feb 29, natch), what’s next for these multi- talented ladies?

“This is my project,” said Hutagalung patting her pregnant tummy. “Besides that, my house and my jewellery are my projects.” (She has a jewellery line called O-sel).

As for Lopez, she will be making more TV appearances with the new seven-part mini-series Random Acts II: Mental and the third season of Tab TV. And no, she’s not moving away from radio just yet.

“I think I go through a ‘you are hot and then you are not’ kind of thing,” said last year’s winner of the Most Popular Radio Personality award, who also runs a wedding planning company.

“It just so happens to be like, ‘oh, haven’t used Vern in a while! So, let’s use her’. So, it’s a bit hot now. But I love radio. It’s live and it’s fun and it’s regular,” she said.

As for Wong, she will be seen next in a German television movie in April called Love Under The Sign Of The Dragon, but she’s still thrilled with her book, which was launched in August last year.

“I wrote a children’s activity book called Perceptive Play. It was a nice project because the children got to be involved,” said the mother of two.

So, do the women have plans for Leap Day this year? “I just go day by day … I haven’t had time to think,” said Wong.

Well, if she misses this one, she’ll have enough time – four years – to prepare for the next one. –

Channel News Asia

Hong Kong Starlet Gillian Chung Admits Naivety Over Nude Photo Scandal

11 Feb

HONG KONG: Hong Kong pop star Gillian Chung has spoken out for the first time since the celebrity sex-photo scandal that’s dominated headlines in the territory for the past two weeks.

At least eight other actresses including Cecilia Cheung and Bobo Chan are also implicated in the scandal, along with singer-actor Edison Chen.

In a meet-the-fans session, the singer from the Canto-pop duo “Twins” didn’t deny the authenticity of the compromising photos of her and actor Edison Chen floating on the internet.

Gillian Chung said: “Before, I was very naive and silly. But now I’m more mature. I thank my management, family and friends for taking care of me and for their support.”

“I regret the incident and its effect on the public. I will continue to work hard, and face the future positively,” she added.

This isn’t the first time nude pictures of Chung have surfaced.

In August 2006, local magazine Easyfinder was slammed for publishing pictures that were taken secretly when the singer was changing backstage at a concert in Malaysia.

The twists and turns of the latest scandal have dominated the Hong Kong media for weeks.

Initially, the photos were thought to be fakes.

It’s believed the images were taken from singer-actor Edison Chen’s computer when he sent it in for repairs. However, police have not confirmed this.

Chen has apologised to those affected via a taped video message and said he is helping police with investigations.

Eight people have been arrested so far, but the first suspect to be nabbed, has been denied bail.

Investigations on the hundreds of photos that are circulating on the internet are ongoing.

Many have expressed support for the female artistes affected.

A teenage boy said: “It hurts the person, and she won’t be happy about it. They shouldn’t be posting such pictures.”

Meanwhile, a young woman said: “They are wrong to post these pictures. But since it’s already out there, I hope the artistes won’t be too affected by this.”

“I hope the government will be able to legislate, so that those responsible and bold enough to post such pictures will not avoid prosecution. A lot of children have access to the internet, and they shouldn’t be exposed to such photos,” she added.

Another lady said: “In this digital age, you can easily manipulate photos by cropping off heads onto another body. As for this particular case, I think the individuals themselves are responsible, because they brought it on themselves. ”

This scandal is arguably one of the biggest to rock Hong Kong’s showbiz world. And it has left the Hong Kong people of two minds on the issue.

Fans of these celebrities are quick to defend their idols, while internet users protest against alleged double-standards by the police in arresting those accused of uploading the pictures.

About 300 internet users took to the streets Sunday, claiming that the police had failed to investigate other cases of nude photos released without permission.

Police have also clarified that it’s not illegal to transfer obscene picture files to friends but putting them onto a public domain, is. -CNA/vm

Channel News Asia