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Drifting On Stage

11 Nov

Ahmad Idham.

ISTANA Budaya in Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur is presenting Impak Maksima – The Musical from now until Nov 22.

Zul Huzaimy.

Dynas Mokhtar.
Zed Zaidi.
The musical is based on the hit film, Impak Maksima, screened last year which starred Awal Ashaari, Eizlan Yusof, Dynas Mokhtar, Yatt Hamzah, Zul Huzaimy, Opie Zami, Cat Farish Ramli of The Fabulous Cats fame and M. Rajoli.

This is the first time a popular Malay film and a motor-racing-related musical is staged there.

The musical is directed by Ahmad Idham, who also directed the film.

Dynas, Zul Huzaimy and Cat Farish reprise their roles, and they are joined by heart-throb actor Zed Zaidi, Malaysian Idol Season 1’s runner-up Dina Nadzir and Akademi Fantasia Season 2’s Zarina Zainoordin, the niece of veteran singer Salwa Abdul Rahman.
Zul Huzaimy is also the musical’s assistant and artistic director while its production co-ordinator is Den Wahab. Its music composers are Faizal Uzir and Cat Farish.

Stunt driver Ser Meng Hui, who starred in the movie, is also involved in the musical.

Zul Huzaimy, who appeared as ‘Bapa Malaysia’ Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra in Putra – The Musical at Istana Budaya last year, said the musical will stay true to the movie, with realistic and heart-stopping drift-racing stunts.

“We want fans of the film to enjoy the musical too. For that reason, the roaring and whizzing of engines will be prominent as will the stylish and daring stunts,” he said.

As in the film, Impak Maksima – The Musical tells the story of Ayie, a college student who is involved in illegal drift-racing around the Klang Valley.

The film was also made into a television series early this year, starring Awal, Eizlan and popular actress Fasha Sandha.

Time: 8.30pm and 3pm (extra matinees on Saturday and Sunday). Tickets are priced at RM20, RM30, RM50, RM80, RM120 and RM150.

Call 03-4026-5558.

New Straits Times


A Brave New World For Alam

20 Oct

Multi-talented – that’s Alam!

SHUIB TAIB speaks to former colleague Zainal Alam Kadir who is making his mark in the entertainment world.

IT’S not easy to end a 16-year-old relationship.

Still, after having served New Straits Times for that long, Zainal Alam Kadir finally bade farewell to a much loved profession in 2006.

Alam (as we called him) has vivid memories of his last day at work.

“It was May 1 and I was to write my final column. At the same time, it was also my last day with Gempak Astro (Alam was host of Astro’s Wayang Kita at that time and was part of the TV channel’s road tour in Lumut, Perak).
“I remember using a borrowed laptop at the balcony of Swiss Garden Hotel Lumut, writing my ‘goodbye’ piece. I cried my heart out as it was my last day for everything!” said Alam.

Alam, which means “universe”, is a former NST business and entertainment journalist, and later became The Malay Mail’s (when the paper was part of the NSTP group of newspapers) entertainment editor.

A great lover of plants and Persian cats, Alam can melt your heart with his singing too.

It was while at The Malay Mail that Alam received an offer to host Wayang Kita.

“I enjoyed writing more than anything else but hosting took up the bulk of my time. I first did it (hosting) out of necessity (to pay bills!). But thanks to my boss, I was allowed to do part-time hosting for about two years. Then I had to make a choice.

“When the time came for me to decide, it was tough,” recalled Alam. The future of his “universe” suddenly became uncertain.

“For the first time in 16 years, I was jobless. Since I have produced albums and done script-writing, acting and singing, I wanted to study filmmaking. But it was not to be.

“There were jobs for me every week. I found myself emceeing, singing, and writing and co-producing more TV scripts.”

At about this time, his band called Alam, comprising Andry Sophian Adris (lead vocalist), Muhammad Kautsar Mat Sin (bass and second vocalist), Isma Izhar Che Ismail (guitar), Ariansa Sanusi (guitar), Yus Mohd Azmi (drums) and Ahmad Fairuz (keyboard), was formed.

He also set up a company called Alamorphosis with friends that year.

Alam currently heads Astro’s Creative Research and Writing Unit, supervising local programme content.

Although he considers himself “new” in showbiz, Alam was already dabbling in it while working for the newspaper.

He took part in a theatre production called Sarong with Mahadzir Lokman, teamed up with Adibah Noor, Fairuz Hussein and Alam band in Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed at Concorde Hotel Shah Alam’s Artist Space, appeared in TV2’s English drama series, City of the Rich, made a cameo appearance with actress Fatimah Abu Bakar in Shuhaimi Baba’s Layar Lara, performed with Chacko Vadaketh and Saedah Rastam in Songs of Love and War, and has been back-up singer for Datuk Sharifah Aini, Jay Jay, Awie, Amy Search, Ramlah Ram and dangdut singer, Ifa Raziah.

Aside from faring well in countless singing competitions, Alam was part of a singing duo called Sutera for a brief period. When Sutera came out with a single titled Bukan Itu Bukan Ini, Astro’s soap opera, Astana Idaman, adopted it as its theme song in 2002.

“In the show my band and I were resident artistes so we needed a new song every week. Then we decided to record an old classic by Datuk Johari Salleh called Duniaku. We recorded a slower version of the song, adding in the harmony.

“We flew Alex Headrick (former guitarist of Alam) from Sabah and within one night he completed the guitar work, the bass and all. He really put his heart and soul into it. Once done, Kautsar (another Alam band member) did the back-up vocals. That was five years ago.

“Duniaku was first used for one episode of Astana Idaman. But Kabir Bhatia, the producer/director, liked it so much that it was used in several episodes. Actor Eizlan Yusof also liked it and proposed that it be used in Jalil Ju Cantik, a telemovie produced by Ziela Jalil,” said Alam, adding that Duniaku and Bukan Itu Bukan Ini will soon be released in a compilation album comprising theme songs titled Cherita.

Why Duniaku?

“Well, the first time I heard it I was not even in school. I think the song is almost 40 years old. It was originally sung by the late singer S. Ahmad, while the English version (My World) was done by Frankie Cheah, who performed it in Japan at a song festival in the ’70s.

“The song was originally written for the blind. But I think it’s also perfect for those who think they are not ‘complete’ or ‘handicapped’,” said Alam, adding that Cherita will also include Imran Ajmain’s Seribu Tahun and several unreleased theme songs.

He has since added more feathers to his cap but confesses to missing writing.

“Once in a while I’m recognised. I think it must be because of my TV work, but they turn out to have been followers of my newspaper columns.

This, to me, is more meaningful than they saying ‘I love your voice’ or ‘I enjoyed your show with so and so’.

“Now I feel weird being interviewed by a friend, a colleague at my former workplace. It feels funny to be answering questions instead of asking them. Those days, I prepared the questions, but now I prepare what not to say!

“As a former journalist, I know what the Press would ask me, even those hard questions.

” And I’ll know how to answer them,” said Alam.

New Straits Times

Jom! Tengok Filem Percuma

6 Aug


BAGI menyemarakkan lagi Festival Filem Malaysia 21 (FFM21) yang bakal berlangsung pada 9 Ogos ini di Pusat Konvensyen Antarabangsa Putrajaya (PICC), tayangan filem secara percuma bakal berlangsung khusus untuk khalayak pencinta filem tempatan.

Selama tiga hari di tiga pawagam berlainan termasuk GSC Alamanda, Putrajaya, TGV, KLCC dan Cathay Cineleisure, Damansara, tayangan yang diadakan setiap tahun ini menyediakan 5,000 tiket percuma bagi menonton 20 daripada 23 buah filem cereka yang akan dipertandingkan.

Bertujuan untuk mendidik orang ramai mengenai filem tempatan dan memupuk rasa minat terhadap karya tempatan, tiket tayangan percuma akan disiarkan menerusi radio rasmi FFM21, Sinar FM.

Dua buah filem iaitu Wayang dan Kami yang belum ditayangkan kepada umum dipilih khas sebagai tayangan perdana festival di GSC Alamanda, Putrajaya selepas acara pelancaran FFM21 yang akan dirasmikan malam esok.

Peminat juga boleh mendapatkan tiket di kaunter pawagam yang terlibat pada hari tayangan. Berikut adalah antara filem yang bakal ditayangkan sempena FFM21 untuk tatapan audiens.


8 Ogos – 7 malam


Pengarah: Syamsul Yusof

Pelakon: Farid Kamil, Syamsul Yusof dan Aaron Aziz

Mula tayang: 3 April 2008

ZACK dan Sham adalah dua sahabat rapat yang berkongsi hobi dan minat yang sama iaitu perlumbaan kereta dengan teknik drift.

Selalunya, perlumbaan kereta drift didominasi oleh golongan lelaki tetapi ia tidak menghalang teman wanita Zack untuk meminati perlumbaan itu.

Disebabkan sejarah kehidupan wanita berkenaan telah mengakibatkan krisis identitinya, maka Zack selalu melindungi kekasihnya daripada terjerumus dalam aktiviti tidak sihat.

Maka ini menyebabkan Zack dan teman wanitanya selalu bergaduh. Dan tanpa disedari, Sham menyimpan perasaan terhadap wanita berkenaan tetapi Sham tidak mahu memusnahkan hubungannya dengan Zack.


8 Ogos – 7 malam

Cathay Cineleisure, Damansara

Pengarah: Ahmad Idham

Pelakon: Awal Ashaari, Eizlan Yusof, Zul Huzaimy, Cat Farish, Dynaz dan Opie Zami

Mula tayang: 23 Ogos 2007

Ayie (Awal Ashaari) adalah seorang pelajar kolej yang meminati perlumbaan kereta. Namun, Johari (Eizlan Yusof) abang kepada Ayie yang pernah menjadi pelumba kereta dan menjalankan perniagaan membaiki kereta, melarang Ayie terlibat dengan perlumbaan haram tersebut.

Johari bertanggungjawab terhadap adiknya selepas kematian ibu bapa mereka. Tetapi Ayie tidak mahu mendengar nasihat abangnya dan berkenalan dengan Ray (Zul Huzaimy) yang aktif dalam perlumbaan haram.

Perlumbaan haram yang mereka lakukan ini bukan sahaja melibatkan pertaruhan wang tetapi juga melibatkan gadis-gadis jalanan, seks, dadah dan juga ancaman gangster.


8 Ogos – 7 malam

GSC – Alamanda, Putrajaya

Pengarah: Yeop Hitler Zami

Pelakon: Pierre Andre, Elyana, Anita Baharom, Baizura Kahar, Anne Ngasri dan Almy Nadia

Mula tayang: 7 Februari 2008

DIADAPTASI daripada siri televisyen Dunia Baru, filem ini mengisahkan Opie (Elyana) yang mendapat kejutan melalui surat yang ditulis oleh Anizah (Anita Baharom).

Dalam surat tersebut, Anizah menyatakan hasratnya untuk pergi ke Thailand dan kahwin lari bersama Fazley (Mohd Hafiz). Begitu tekad untuk berkahwin, Anizah juga sanggup menolak pelawaan belajar di United Kingdom.

Oleh itu, Opie bersama kawan-kawannya Madihah (Anne Ngasri), Suzanna (Almy Nadia), Adif (Pierre Andre) dan Tajol (Wan Elyas) berpakat untuk mengubah fikiran Anizah.


8 Ogos – 3 petang

GSC – Alamanda, Putrajaya

Pengarah: Hans Isaac

Pelakon: Afdlin Shauki, AC Mizal, Awie, Hans Isaac, Erra Fazira dan Umie Aida

Mula tayang: 24 Januari 2008

EMPAT pemuda yang merupakan anak angkat kepada sebuah keluarga telah meninggalkan kampung halaman dan berhijrah ke Kuala Lumpur dengan satu azam untuk menceburi perniagaan pembersihan.

Sebelum ini mereka banyak terlepas peluang pekerjaan kerana sikap kurang ambil berat. Namun Fairil (Afdlin Shauki) telah menggalakkan mereka untuk menyertai pertandingan Window Washing Olympic.

Pemenang dalam pertandingan ini akan menerima satu kontrak pembersihan yang besar iaitu membersihkan tingkap dan cermin bangunan pencakar langit KLCC.

Berjayakah Fairil, Tan (AC Mizal), Jojo (Awie) Khai (Hans Isaac) dari syarikat Cuci-Cuci Services memenangi pertandingan itu? Saksikan sendiri untuk mengetahui jawapannya dalam naskhah komedi yang mengutamakan hubungan persaudaraan dan persahabatan ini.


8 Ogos – 9.30 malam

GSC – Alamanda, Putrajaya

Pengarah: Suhaimi Baba

Pelakon: Maya Karin, Sharifah Amani, Mohd Kamarulzaman, Zaefrul Nadzarine Nordin, Noor Azhar Murad, Nanu, Kee Thuan Chye, Chew Kin Wah dan Chacko Vadaketh

Mula tayang: 25 Oktober 2007

BERBEKALKAN semangat kemerdekaan, empat remaja Malaysia, Salmi, Razak, Ani dan Angee telah ditugaskan untuk menghasilkan buku mengenai tahun 1957. Semasa menghasilkan buku ini, mereka berempat seakan-akan berada di zaman ambang kemerdekaan.

Mereka membayangkan watak, momen emosi dalam mencari maksud sebenar kemerdekaan yang dicapai pada tahun 1957.

Maka ia memfokuskan kembali kepada sejumlah tokoh-tokoh perjuangan kemerdekaan yang telah dikenali dalam teks sejarah sekolah.

Konsep naratifnya bergerak secara kronologi dengan permulaan Perang Dunia Kedua, penguasaan semula British dan kemuncak kebangkitan nasionalisme dan perjuangan kemerdekaan oleh tokoh-tokoh politik UMNO seperti Datuk Onn, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Abdul Razak, Tun Dr. Ismail serta tokoh-tokoh MCA dan MIC.


10 Ogos – 3 petang

Cathay Cineleisure, Damansara

Pengarah: Kabir Bhatia

Pelakon: Vanidah Imran, Riezman Khuzaimi, Nasha Aziz, Tony Eusoff dan Afdlin Shauki

Mula tayang: 26 Jun 2008

MEREKA bertiga tidak mengenali tetapi bertemu dalam satu kemalangan. Namun, mereka berkongsi perasaan yang sama iaitu cinta, kehilangan dan kesepian.

Adam (Afdlin Shauki), seorang tukang masak berjaya dan meluaskan kerjayanya dengan mereka hiasan untuk majlis perkahwinan. Tetapi dengan semua kejayaan itu dia masih membujang.

Sufi (Tony Eusoff) pula sedang berjuang untuk melenyapkan memori pemergian isterinya yang telah mati. Sementara itu, Imaan (Baizura Kahar) seorang penulis teater muda yang menjadikan pentas teater sebagai tapak memahami masa silamnya serta masa depannya.


10 Ogos – 7 malam

GSC – Alamanda, Putrajaya

Pengarah: Osman Ali

Pelakon: Farid Kamil, Maya Karin, Kartina Aziz, Raja Farah, Remy Ishak, Rosyam Nor dan Adi Putra

Mula tayang: 13 Disember 2007

HISHAM (Rosyam Nor), seorang penjenayah dalam keadaan terdesak terpaksa menyerahkan bayi lelakinya kepada Mariam, seorang perempuan gila. Dia kemudian telah ditangkap dan dipenjarakan.

Mariam yang gila dan hidup di jalanan membesarkan bayi tersebut Indraputera (Farid Kamil) dalam serba kedaifan. Mereka tinggal di kawasan setinggan dan berjiran dengan Bu Leha (Kartina Aziz) dan anak perempuannya, Jo (Maya Karin) yang menyukai Indraputera dalam diam.

Namun, kebahagiaan Indraputera bersama ibunya berakhir apabila mereka dipisahkan oleh pihak berkuasa. Dia kemudian dibesarkan oleh Bu Leha yang membawa Indraputera dan Jo berpindah ke Kuala Lumpur dengan harapan hidup mereka akan menjadi lebih baik.

Mereka membesar sebagai remaja jalanan dan Indraputera bekerja di bengkel kereta sementara Jo dan ibunya pula berniaga buah-buahan di Pasar Chow Kit.

Erzan (Ady Putra) dan Amira Atikah pula adalah antara sahabat rapat Indraputera dan Jo. Mereka telah terjebak dalam kancah najis dadah akibat tekanan dan desakan hidup.

Amira yang ketagihan dadah telah melarikan diri dari rumah. Selain mengedar dan menagih dadah, Erzan yang terpaksa menanggung beban hutang tinggalan ayahnya telah menjadi buruan pengikut Hisham.


9 Ogos – 3 petang

Cathay Cineleisure, Damansara

Pengarah: Mamat Khalid

Pelakon: Rosyam Nor, Umie Aida, Farid Kamil dan Sofi Jikan

Mula tayang: 10 Januari 2008

SEBUAH filem hitam putih, Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang merungkai misteri kehilangan pemuda di pekan Senduduk Rimbun pada setiap kali purnama menjelang. Misteri bermula apabila tayar kereta Saleh, seorang wartawan ditusuk dengan sesuatu benda yang menyerupai rangka tangan sedang memegang ukiran lama berbentuk keris.

Oleh kerana tayar kereta yang pancit, Saleh terpaksa menghantar keretanya ke bengkel Jongkidin dan bermalam di pekan itu. Sepanjang berada di pekan Senduduk Rimbun, Saleh menyedari penduduk pekan itu seperti ingin menghalau dia pergi dari situ.

Semakin lama Saleh tinggal di pekan itu, semakin banyak perkara misteri berlaku. Maka dia bernekad untuk mencari dan merungkai setiap peristiwa misteri yang berlaku di sana.


9 Ogos – 7 malam

Cathay Cineleisure, Damansara

Pengarah: A. Razak Mohaideen

Pelakon: Saiful Apek, Maya Karin, Yassin Yahya, Yasmin Hani dan Awie

Mula tayang: 6 Mac 2008

JIMMY (Saiful Apek) yang mempunyai satu tabiat suka menjaga kebersihan alam sekitar sejak kecil. Dia juga mempunyai sikap yang ganjil dan berkawan dengan Orix (spesies Big Foot) sehingga semua penduduk kampung tidak suka bergaul dengannya.

Namun, dia menaruh hati terhadap Aspalela (Yasmin Hani) anak kepada Tok Mudim kampung. Pada suatu hari, Jimmy ingin meminang Aspalela tetapi ditentang Tok Mudim yang mencabar Jimmy supaya mempunyai tanah sendiri jika ingin mengahwini anaknya.

Sementara itu, Kordi (Awie) adalah seorang pemuda yang berjaya dan juga berhasrat untuk memperisterikan Aspalela. Kordi yang membenci Jimmy kerana selalu menghalangnya menangkap ikan menyuruh Jimmy untuk berkahwin dengan ikan duyung.

Siapa sangka, Jimmy akhirnya bertemu dengan ikan duyung (Maya Karin) yang membantunya menjadi kaya.


Pick Of The Lot

5 Aug

Films with strong social messages like Anak Halal starring Fasha Sandha (left) and Farid Kamil, stand a good chance of winning the best picture award.
Films with strong social messages like Anak Halal starring Fasha Sandha (left) and Farid Kamil, stand a good chance of winning the best picture award.

It’s going to be a tough fight for the Malaysian Film Festival awards as some of the best names in the film industry are being pitched as winners, writes SHARIFAH ARFAH

Best director nominee Mamat Khalid (left) directs best actor nominee Rosyam Nor in Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang which secured eleven nominations.
Best director nominee Mamat Khalid (left) directs best actor nominee Rosyam Nor in Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang which secured eleven nominations.

Erra (right) and Ida Nerina in a scene from horror film Anak. Erra's strong performance secured her a best actress nomination.
Erra (right) and Ida Nerina in a scene from horror film Anak. Erra’s strong performance secured her a best actress nomination.

THE 21st instalment of the Malaysian Film Festival (FFM21) comes closer to its conclusion with Monday’s announcement of the top five in each of the 22 categories (except for Best Film and Best Original Theme Song, which will both be revealed on the awards night).

The festival will be held from tomorrow to Saturday (awards night).

Though the organisers have decided to save the best (Best Film category) for last, this category is the one most closely watched and most speculated on by local movie pundits and fans alike.

This year, 23 feature films have been nominated for Best Film.

Of this, three films – Anak Halal, Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang and Wayang – secured more nominations than any other feature film.

Previously, Osman Ali received critical acclaim for Bukak Api, a film about sex workers in Chow Kit.

Though his first feature film, Puaka Tebing Biru, was panned by critics, Osman stands a good chance of proving his critics wrong about his ability to make it in the commercial movie industry with Anak Halal, getting the most number of nominations at 12, including for Best Director.

Mamat Khalid scores with Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang, a neo-noir parody that tickles the audience.

It has the edge over others in that it’s a groundbreaking genre in local filmmaking.

The black-and-white film is said to be technically demanding, while the strong script boast an entertaining story about mysterious disappearances, conspiracies and ghostly presence.

Dr Hatta Azad Khan’s last film was Mat Som, a story on the life of a struggling reporter based on a comic book by Datuk Lat.

Dr Hatta, after a hiatus from the film industry, has come up with a gem called Wayang. It chronicles the life of a tok dalang (puppet master, played by Eman Manan) who takes a blind boy and a speech-impaired girl under his wing, imparting to them his shadow puppetry skills in the process.

Note the absence of Susuk co-director Naeim Ghalili who co-directed the film with Amir Muhammad and Sepi director Kabir Bhatia as nominees.

It is understood that the festival celebrates local films and film crew. But the presence of foreigners who help enliven our industry may become a more frequent trend in the future.

Sepi marks Kabir’s second foray into the festival (his first directorial effort, Cinta, won Best Film in last year’s festival).

In terms of genre, films that are multiple-nominated have interesting storylines that comment on social norms, for instance, drug addiction (Anak Halal), and the erosion of tradition (Wayang).

Meanwhile, Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang and Dunia Baru the Movie prove that lighthearted flicks don’t necessarily need to rely on one-liners or slapstick-style comedies.

Another interesting field to watch out for is the best actor category, where heavyweights – Eman Manan, Adlin Aman Ramlie and Rosyam Nor – have equal chance of clinching the Best Actor category.

Adlin is also nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category (for his role in 1957: Hati Malaya), where he is taking on Zul Huzaimy, who brilliantly portrayed Eman’s blind apprentice in Wayang.

As for Best Actress category, Erra Fazira’s portrayal of a conflicted and emotionally-battered woman is award-winning material, at least in my opinion.

She played her role with raw conviction, and probably the best in her career so far.

The race is on!

Here are some of the nominees for the 21st Malaysian Film Festival:

Best Director

Hatta Azad Khan
– Wayang
Shuhaimi Baba
– 1957 Hati Malaya
Ahmad Idham
– Congkak
Mamat Khalid
– Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang
Osman Ali
– Anak Halal

Best Actor

Afdlin Shauki
– Sepi
Adlin Aman Ramlie
– Susuk
Rosyam Nor
– Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang
Eman Manan
– Wayang
Farid Kamil
– Anak Halal

Best Actress

Maya Karin
– Anak Halal
Erra Fazira
– Anak
Nur Fazura
– Kayangan
Nasha Aziz
– Otai
Vanidah Imran
– Akhirat

Best Supporting Actor

Zul Huzaimy
– Wayang
Farid Kamil
– Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang
Adlin Aman Ramlie
– 1957 Hati Malaya
Eizlan Yusof
– Impak Maksima
Fauzi Nawawi
– Anak Halal

Best Supporting Actress

Nabila Huda
– Akhirat
Nanu Baharuddin
– 1957 Hati Malaya
Azizah Mahzan
– Anak
Ruminah Sidek
– Pensil
Dynaz Mokhtar
– Kayangan

Best Original Story

– Hatta Azad Khan
Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang
– Mamat Khalid
– ara and Mira Mustaffa
Anak Halal
– Osman Ali
Pensil – M. Subash

Best Screenplay

– Hatta Azad Khan
Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang
– Mamat Khalid
– ara and Mira Mustaffa
Anak Halal
– Osman Ali
Cuci – Hans Isaac

Best Cinematography

Evolusi KL Drift
– Raja Mukriz Raja Ahmad Kamarudin
– Mohd Nor Kassim
– Daven Raghaven
– Raja Mukriz
Anak Halal
– Khalid Zakaria

Best Editing

1957 Hati Malaya
– Nik Haslinda Nik Husain & Kamaruddin Abu
– Hafiz Kamaruzaman
– Ahmad Mustadha
Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang
– Raja Affandi Raja Jamaludin
– Johan Bahar

Best Art Direction

1957 Hati Malaya
– Aida Fitri Buyong/Kamarul Nizam Abd Rahman
Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang
– Nazrul Ashraff
– Kek Ting Lam
Johnny Bikin Filem
– Dr Anuar Nor Arai
Anak Halal
– Irwanmazwan Ibrahim

Best Sound

– Brian Ng
Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang
– Azman Abu Hassan
– ADD Audio
Evolusi KL Drift
– Daud Sulaiman
Anak Halal
– Azman Abu Hassan

Best Original Music Score

– Hafiz Askiak
Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang
– Ahmad Badaruddin
– Hardesh Singh
Anak Halal
– Nurzaidi Abdul Rahman
1957 Hati Malaya
– Sharon Paul

Most Promising Director

Hans Isaac
– Cuci
M. Subash
– Pensil
Mohd Latif Zami
– Dunia Baru the Movie
Syamsul Yusof
– Evolusi KL Drift
Barney Lee
– Anak

Most Promising Actor

M. Subash
– Pensil
Mohd Kamarulzaman Taib
– 1957 Hati Malaya
Wan Kenari Ibrahim
– Wayang
Zaefrul Nadzarine Nordin
– 1957 Hati Malaya
Syamsul Yusof
– Evolusi KL Drift

Most Promising Actress

Julia Ziegler
– Kayangan
Lisa Surihani
– I’m Not Single
Mas Muharni
– Wayang
Avaa Vanja
– Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang
Diana Rafar
– Susuk


New Straits Times

Endearing Flame Of Love

10 Jun


Model-turned-actor Eizlan Yusof gives the lowdown on his role in the drama Dari KL Ke Queenstown. SHUIB TAIB writes.

ALTHOUGH model-turned-actor Eizlan Yusof has played various roles in 13 different films and hundreds of made-for-TV dramas, he is not prepared to make his directorial debut yet.

Winner of the Most Promising Actor award at the 14th Malaysian Film Festival for his role in Perempuan Melayu Terakhir in 1999 and Best Supporting Actor at TV3’s Skrin award (Panas, 1997/98), the 37-year-old actor who has just had a baby girl is happy with his life now.

“I have been offered to direct a few times but I think directing is not my call. I still love to act and although I’m not young anymore, getting a supporting role in a movie or TV drama is good enough for me,” said the actor, who also runs a trading business with his partner.

Despite his busy schedule (he travels to Jakarta regularly as his business is based there), Eizlan still finds time to act. He can be seen on ntv7’s Dari KL Ke Queenstown every Friday at 8.30pm.

Directed by Haris Fadzillah and produced by noted actor/producer Ahmad Idham Omar, the series also features Intan Ladyana, Tengku Puteri Najuwa and veterans such as Datuk Ahmad Tamimi Siregar, Aznah Hamid, Dian P. Ramlee and Khatija Tan. Upcoming talent Almy Nadia adds to the strength of this touching drama.

The story revolves around Saiful Bahrin (Eizlan), the only child of single mother Hasnah. Saiful studies in Queenstown, New Zealand. Away from home, he gets to know other Malaysian students such as Lily John (Tengku Puteri Najuwa), Sofia (Intan Ladyana) and Mimi (Efa Nareesha).

Surrounded by fellow Malaysian students whose wild lifestyles differ from his quiet existence, Saiful is nevertheless determined to get to know more about those different from him. He grows close to Lily John whose cheerful and caring attitude endears her to him.

As fate would have it, a chance encounter with Sofia, the socialite, eventually leads to a lifelong romance although at their first meeting, Saiful is taken aback by her arrogance and westernised ways.

Saiful’s and Sofia’s relationship is ultimately doomed as the latter’s family decide to pair her with Jefri, who is from an equally wealthy family as hers. However fate brings the two together again 20 years later. But will their love be strong enough to withstand the changes in their lives?

“This story is actually based on a true story about an old friend of mine. He is handsome, successful and eligible. After that first love, he has remained single to this day,” explained Eizlan, adding that his friend, a well-known corporate figure, is in his 50s.

Eizlan adds that Dari KL Ke Queenstown (DKKQ) has similarities with P. Ramlee’s Antara Dua Darjat except that DKKQ is a bit more modern and urban in its landscape.

Shooting for the drama, which runs for 13 episodes, was done in Christchurch, Queenstown and Akaroa, New Zealand.

“The story features two different eras, the ’80s and the present. I’m sure the audience can relate to this drama about “forbidden” love. Hopefully, they can also see that being rich or poor doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have love,” said Eizlan, who also does script-writing, where his works have been nominated at Anugerah Sri Angkasa several times.

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Majlis Kahwin Intan?

30 May

Oleh Norhadiani Baharom


DESAS-desus mengenai pelakon cantik ini bakal me ngakhiri zaman bujang bukan saja hangat diperkatakan kini malah menjadi berita mengejutkan di kalangan kenalan rapatnya.

Bagaimanapun, apabila perkara itu ditanya kepada empunya diri, Intan Ladyana Mohd Yahya (Intan), 26, kelihatan terpinga-pinga.

“Dari mana datangnya cerita ini? Hari itupun saya ada terima panggilan daripada kenalan rapat yang berkecil hati kononnya tidak menjemputnya ke majlis perkahwinan.

“Pelik sungguh apabila orang luar dulu yang tahu cerita ini sedangkan saya yang dihebohkan hendak berkahwin, tidak tahu bila akan berkahwin.

“Tidak dinafikan saya sudah berpunya tetapi setakat ini kami belum merancang apa-apa termasuk untuk berkahwin kerana masing-masing terikat dengan komitmen kerja.

“Harapan saya, supaya orang tidak mudah percaya cerita mengarut seperti itu. Jika sampai seru mendirikan rumah tangga, jangan bimbang perkara baik seperti ini tidak mung kin saya rahsiakan,” katanya.

Bintang Jangan Pandang Belakang itu mengakui hatinya sudah dimiliki. Malah hubungannya dengan Kevin Azhari iaitu bekas tenaga pengajar Akademi Fantasia musim keempat bukan lagi rahsia.

Malah tidak lama dulu pasangan merpati dua sejoli itu pernah mencetuskan kontroversi apabila gambar aksi ‘kurang sopan’ membabitkan seorang gadis Jepun yang menyerupai wajah Intan disebarkan di Internet.

Walaupun masih baru dalam bidang seni, Intan dianggap pendatang baru yang cukup bertuah kerana diam tak diam sudah membintangi tiga filem, Tipah Tertipu The Movie, Jangan Pandang Belakang (JPB) dan I’m Not Single. Dalam JPB menampilkannya sebagai pelakon utama.

Tidak sekadar filem, wajahnya juga sering menjadi pilihan produser dan pengarah drama. Antara drama yang me lonjakkan namanya ialah Puteri dan Jelatang.

Bagaimanapun, hakikatnya masih ramai tidak mengenali gadis kacukan Melayu-Thai ini sehinggakan ada masanya bakat Intan seperti tenggelam dek kebangkitan pelakon baru.

Kata Intan, setakat ini semuanya bagus saja. Malah katanya, tawaran berlakon tidak pernah putus hingga dia perlu sampai menganggur dua atau tiga bulan di rumah meskipun per saingan kerjaya itu cukup sengit.

“Tidak sekadar kemunculan pelakon baru, persaingan da tang daripada pelakon berpengalaman yang bakat mereka sudah terbukti hebat.

“Keadaan ini sebenarnya mewujudkan persaingan sihat kerana ia akan membuatkan semua pelakon tidak kira muda atau lebih ‘senior’ mengutamakan kualiti kerja untuk terus bertahan lama. Saya sendiri selesa bersaing dari segi watak.

“Dalam erti kata lain, saya berusaha mempamerkan ke bolehan dengan memberikan lakonan terbaik untuk men dapatkan watak yang lebih mencabar pada masa akan datang,” katanya.

Katanya, lakonan terbarunya dalam I’m Not Single akan dapat ditonton di pawagam Jun. Selain itu Intan terikat dengan dua penggambaran drama Gaia musim kedua dan Dari KL Ke Queenstown yang kini dalam persediaan blok kedua.

Selesai menjayakan dua drama itu, Intan kembali sibuk dengan penggambaran filem dan sitkom Puteri musim ke-10.

Untuk drama Dari KL Ke Queenstown, Intan membawakan dua watak, sebagai pelajar dan watak tua.

“Dalam cerita ini saya memegang watak Sofia. Dia anak manja kerana dilimpahi kemewahan. Namun, di sebalik sikapnya itu, Sofia seorang yang tegas.

“Kisahnya bermula apabila Sofia jatuh cinta dengan Saiful, lakonan Eizlan Yusof. Namun percintaan mereka mendapat tentangan keluarga kerana Saiful anak orang susah dan tidak setaraf keluarga Sofia.

“Meskipun pada awalnya dia menentang keputusan ibu bapa, akhirnya Sofia akur lalu mengahwini lelaki kaya yang tidak dicintainya.

“Konflik berlaku apabila Saiful muncul dalam hidupnya. Kali ini anak gadis Sofia pula mencintai lelaki itu,” katanya.


Nama sebenar: Intan Ladyana Mohd Yahya

Tarikh Lahir: 2 Jun 1982

Tempat Lahir: Kuala Lumpur

Zodiak: Gemini

Kerjaya: Pelakon, pengacara dan model iklan

Adik beradik: Anak kedua daripada tiga beradik

Iklan: Nivea Skincare, Follow Me, Jacobents, Celcom, Sunsilk, Acuvue,

Toyota Hilux, Dentyne, Oil Of Olay, Deify Skincare dan Hotlink

Rancangan TV: Hello Minda dan Adventure Race 2006

Drama: Trio, Bujal, Bapak Bola Anak Futsal, Puteri dan Jelatang

Filem: Tipah Tertipu, Jangan Pandang Belakang & I’m Not Single

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Cinta Berputik Dari KL Ke Queenstown

23 May

Oleh Rozdan Mazalan

MANTAP: Barisan pelakon drama Dari KL ke Queenstown.

CINTA sejati memang sukar untuk kita jejaki, apatah lagi untuk melupakan. Namun apa maknanya jika cinta yang dibina gagal kerana bantahan keluarga disebabkan berlainan darjat.

Mampukah anda melawan takdir yang menemukan anda berdua kembali selepas 20 tahun berpisah? Terokailah erti sebuah pengorbanan, harapan dan dendam tak terlerai dalam drama episod terbaru menerusi ntv7 berjudul Dari KL ke Queenstown (DKLKQ),

Drama yang akan disiarkan bermula malam ini jam 8.30 malam mengisahkan Saiful Bahrin, anak tunggal Hasnah yang hidup serba kekurangan ke kota Queenstown, New Zealand bagi meneruskan cita-citanya. Hadirnya di sana membuka suatu lembaran baru, bertemu dan berkenalan dengan pelajar Malaysia yang lain iaitu Lily, Sofia, Mimi dan Baby.

Drama garapan pengarah Harris Fadzillah dan penerbit terkenal, Ahmad Idham, membawa penonton mengembara bersama kelompok pelajar Melayu yang nilai timurnya kian lenyap, Saiful bertekad untuk menyelami gaya hidup pelajar itu satu persatu.

Kehadiran Lily John, membakar semangatnya untuk mengharungi segala kepayahan hidup di kota asing itu. Sifat riang dan prihatin Lily menjadikan mereka lebih akrab, dan tentunya menceriakan kehidupan Saiful.

Tanpa diduga, satu perbalahan hebat tercetus antara Saiful dan Sofia apabila mereka ditemukan dalam sebuah pertemuan tidak dirancang di Lapangan Terbang Christchurch.

Sofia Tarodin yang sememangnya dikenali dengan sifat kasar, angkuh dan terlampau kebaratan menerbitkan perasaan kurang senang di hati Saiful. Pastinya, Sofia yang liar dan gemar bersosial menimbulkan lebih banyak prasangka buruk pada Saiful yang bersifat lebih pendiam, serius dan fokus. Daripada Sofia, Saiful berkenalan dengan Baby dan Mimi, teman dan sahabat paling rapat Sofia.

Keakraban Baby dan Mimi tentunya kerana mempunyai hobi yang sama, mengambil kesempatan dan gemar mempermainkan hati pelajar lelaki lain di Universiti Canterbury.

Tiga sahabat karib ini sering kelihatan berlegar-legar di kelab malam bagi memenuhi masa lapang mereka. Juga dikecam dengan pelbagai permasalahan hidup, ketiga-tiga gadis ini dilihat memberontak dan berani melakukan apa saja bagi kepuasan hidup masing-masing.

Drama hebat ini diterajui oleh Eizlan Yusoff (sebagai Saiful), Intan Ladyana (Sofia), Efa Nareesha (Mimi), Tengku Putri Najwa (Lily), Dian P Ramlee (Hasnah), Ahmad Tamimi Siregar (Datuk Tarodin), Almy Nadia (Illa), Abdul Rashid Jaafar (Pak Long) dan ramai lagi.

Saksikan kesudahan kisah cinta melodramatik ini? Mungkinkah cinta lama berpaut kembali? Apa pula taktik Amylia bagi menghalang cinta sejati mereka? Bagaimana pula dengan ibu Saiful yang bertegas tidak akan menerima Sofia disebabkan penghinaan lalu? Hilangkan segala keraguan anda kerana semuanya akan terjawab dalam DKLKQ setiap Jumaat bermula malam ini.

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