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Not What It Seems

25 Jun

SINGAPORE : Taken at face value, “Deception” is a lame-o raunchy psychological thriller with predictable plot twists aplenty (the poster’s tacky tagline “Are you free tonight?” kind of gives that away, doesn’t it?). But viewed more carefully … it’s still lame.

Ewan McGregor plays boring accountant Jonathan McQuarry, who lives a drab life and has a crush on a comely stranger (Michelle Williams, left). Against his better judgement, McQuarry gets seduced by the decadent world of the privileged when suave lawyer Wyatt Bose (Hugh Jackman) shows up with friendship, US$4,000-bespoke suits and an exclusive sex club membership to offer.

The lonely geek suddenly finds himself having all the sex he can get with women way out of his league and he thinks he’s struck gold. Of course, he’s really a doomed pawn in a malicious ruse – which is to be expected seeing as the movie’s called “Deception”.

Without spoiling the predictable “surprise” twist, let’s just say that nobody in the film is what they seem and there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

If you care, there is a story about desperately lonely souls who find “intimacy without intricacies” in casual sex buried under a mountain of clich
s. If you don’t, there’s a delicious cast and a three-second shot of Maggie Q’s derriere to ogle. –

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